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Think About It….

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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Just got done watching Gamer, with Gerard Butler.  It wasn’t too bad….I’d give it a 6/10.  It was a great concept and one that many gamers have thought of but, in the end, it just wasn’t as awesome as it could have been.  Was kinda hoping for a nice little twist at the end but didn’t get one.  I loved the beginning but after Kable got out of ‘prison’ it wasn’t as wonderful as it had been.  Meh, I’d watch it on TV but it’s not purchase material for me…..not like Pandorum.

I’ve been playing Dragon Age again.  I have the PC version which means I can mod the hell out of it like Grendal and I have done with Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Sims 2.  I was annoyed with the fact that the hair, tattoo, skin, and eye colors sucked and luckily some loverly modders felt the same and fixed it, and then another modder showed up and put those mods together so they’d work out just fine!  So my character looks better then what she could have been.  Also ended up downloading a body mod.  Sure, I’m not going to run around with all my fighters in the nude but if I decide to strip them down inbetween outfitting them with nice things I don’t want to look at their HIDEOUS underwear.  I also got a mod called ‘Better Sex Cutscenes’…..because I’m a perv like that.  Seriously, the game’s sex scene was odd and could’ve been better.  Luckily someone went through and started to modify that so it was better.  They even went as far as giving you some options: Mild, Medium, and Zesty!  Mild is your normal with better camera angles, Medium has some extended cutscenes for certain characters, and Zesty….well, Zesty is a little better then Medium (a little longer) and there are 3 characters that have modified scenes!  Morrigan is at her dirtiest, Zevran apparently gets extra naught, and Alistair starts out sweet but gets naughtier the more you do it. 😉  I haven’t tried these out yet, but I can’t wait to see how they play out.

Yeah…..I’m a perv and the biggest perv in my group of friends. lol.


Feeling Old with Kindred Spirits

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Life

Last night before renting Pandorum and Gamer, and before mucking up the time for Sherlock Holmes, Grendal and I had gone to a local Target to kill some time.  We went down to the game/CD/video area to look around.  I debated about getting yet another expansion for Sims2 but decided to do that another time.  We decided to look at the cheap DVDs to see if there was anything good.  Found a DVD with 4 Batman movies and then a DVD with the Blade movies.  As we were looking around I heard the theme to Fraggle Rock playing on a TV over head.  My response?  I start singing along with it, doin’ a little dance, and trying to get Grendal to join in(he didn’t).  Grendal did give a chuckle and I looked beside me; there were two kids staring at the screen with wide eyes, and that lovely zombie look kids get when they watch TV.  I snickered and kept on singing until the kids’ father came by and said ‘Brings back memories, huh?’  Grendal and I both laughed and went back to looking at DVD while the father tried to get his kids to move.  Grendal pointed out a Cheech and Chong DVD and I complained that it wasn’t one their good movies(forget which ones were on there, but I didn’t like ’em).  The father over heard me and said, in a soft voice, ‘Down and to the right.’  I looked and there was a copy of Up in Smoke.  It made me happy but I didn’t buy it.

What struck me during that whole thing, though, was the fact that the guy wasn’t too much older than myself(I’m 25) and already had two kids(one which looked about 7 or 8).  I’m just coming to the realization that the ‘adults’ are my generation of people: they know about things like Fraggle Rock and the Muppets, know about the old school games, and what not.  Seriously, looking through some of the things on the website It Made My Day made it even more obvious!  Seriously, math professors knowing about Zelda characters and other professors knowing about online memes……Generation Y is turning out to be an interesting form of adults.

Space Madness

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Finally got around to seeing Pandorum!  When it was out in theaters I was a little iffy about seeing because I heard some negative reviews about it being nothing more than a zombie movie in space.  Yeah, that’s all that I wanted….more zombies.  But tonight after a failed attempt at seeing Sherlock Holmes, Grendal and I rented Gamer and Pandorum, since they were both on our ‘to watch’ list.  We didn’t know what to expect, except that it was a movie set in space with some creepy albinos and some form of space madness.  I was up for it because, well, I love sci-fi movies and I love movies that throw in the whole ‘is he crazy?’ bit.  After watching it I have figured out that this is on my ‘to buy’ list now!  The movie was amazing; the story was great, acting was good, graphics were nice, and everything was wrapped up beautifully.  What would’ve made it a little better would have been taking the last deleted scene and placing it after the credits….talk about a moment that would’ve had me flailing in my seat going ‘Oh my god, what the fuck? Freakin’ awesome!’  So yeah, 10/10 for this movie because I could watch it over again and still find it enjoyable.

Played some more ODST today.  We’re nearly done with all of the achievements, just have one more to go.  Renny was nice before we started and asked if I wanted to take up the sniper position, but I declined.  😐  I didn’t feel like messing with it today, especially after last week.  We played through a few rounds of Firefight which was fun, though a little aggravating.  Seems like Renny doesn’t like the fact that I’m the god of headshots for our group and usually the one with the least amount of deaths.  So he decided to start trying for headshots and he beat my score, which isn’t a bad thing except that he made the comment of actually trying for it.  I don’t mean to sound cocky but I don’t try for headshots, I just do it.  Grendal made a snide comment about Renny being upset that a girl was out doing him in that area but I was the only one that heard it, which was all fine and dandy because Renny would’ve denied it anyway.  Renny also was making sure he had the lowest death rate, mainly by hiding in corners.  The way I do it is by staying behind the heavy shooters and taking pot shots.  The baddies focus on my friends and I can take ’em down.  The one thing that I know is bothering Renny is the fact that his score is low, though he’s now claiming he doesn’t care for the score(which is BS because he has gloated about having the highest score in some sessions).  It’s rare that I have a quarter of the session’s score but I really don’t do it for the score; I play for stress relief and for my friends…..if it wasn’t for our Friday play dates I wouldn’t really have a social life(sad, I know).  Yeah, there isn’t much I can say to Renny to wake him up to the situation.  All I can do is keep my pistol and show him how it’s done with that.  I really don’t need the sniper rifle to rack up my usual points, that weapon was used to take down tank gunners and annoying Brutes.  lol

All in all, though, the day wasn’t too bad.  Renny is still trying to OP his new DnD character, going as far as seeing if his medium character could wield a huge bow.  Grendal explained that he could but all it would give him was a slight boost in damage, which wasn’t what Renny wanted….he wants to be able to hit things more often then everyone else.  I should stop there before I start ranting about that.  Seriously, folks, I love Renny to death; he’s the annoying kid brother I never had.  HA!

Oh come on

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Gaming
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I swear the world has it out for me sometime, but other times it likes me.  Almost every year there is a kick ass movie coming out around my birthday, which is great!  Wish that would happen in the gaming world, but no.  What always happens?  The games that I’m dying to play and buy are always released within a week of each other if not on the same freakin’ day.  😐  Now I have to choose what game to buy (Dante’s Inferno, Bioshock 2, or Aliens v. Predator) or if I should just rent them one by one and figure it out from there.  I’m already planning on purchasing Darksiders, so I have to figure out if I should put that purchase on hold.

I swear I’ll punch something if there is another good release around the release date of Persona 3 Portable…and I will.

My life…

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I rarely watch MTV these days.  When I was growing up I’d watch music videos(back when they actually played them) and ventured into watching Daria when it started airing.  That show was wonderful and I related to it a lot and the kids in my high school noticed the resemblance between her and myself (both in attitude and overall being).  I never had a Jane in my life, both of my sisters were some form of Quinn, and, well, that’s where the similarity in my life ended.  I could still pull off a Daria costume if I wanted to and I have seriously debated doing it for Halloween but that time of year in Northern Illinois is cold….and I rarely wear skirts anyway.

Yesterday I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch before I started studying for my last bout of tests.  I came across this new show on MTV called My Life as Liz.  I took a look at the girl and was like, ‘Hm, this could be interesting.’  So I got comfy and began to watch it.  Within five minutes I was disappointed.  Part of me was hoping for a TV show that was possibly reminiscent of My So-Called Life or something along those lines but what I found was another one of those ‘reality’ shows like The Hills.  It was like watching a train wreck as I tried to get things cleared up on the third episode.  I watched the entire thing, was a little annoyed so I did some online searches to find out what the hell this was about (besides the whole anti-conformist teenager crap).

This show tries too hard to be cool and present their characters as real.  In high school I was one of those ‘freaks’ and was into the whole anti-conformist, damn the man type deal.  So when I was watching this show I was annoyed about how they were portraying things and especially how they portrayed Liz’s circle of nerdy friends.  I know this show is catering to stereotypes and all of that but it gets rather annoying.  I do think Liz is a cute character but the over the top drama and need to be an individual taints the image of her.  Seriously, here is her little ‘bio’ on the official site:

“During her massive amount of free time, Liz often finds herself mixing up a fresh batch of mix CDs with the latest and greatest indie songs. When she’s not jamming out to tunes in her hand me down, not by choice, non-green, gas guzzling Blazer, she is often face planted in front of a classic comic book, or trying to invent new ways to insult the blond conformists who populate her high school. She has a pet snake and is a vegan, and has lost track of the number of colors she has dyed her hair. Liz is proud to be a nerd, and hopes one day to get out of “the suck”, ie: Burleson, TX.”

The whole indie thing bothered me but I knew a few kids in high school that were in love with the indie scene, so that’s okay but they’re trying too hard to present her as an indie rocker.  As for the whole finding new ways to insult the blonds, well I suppose that could work and seeing how she supposedly used to be part of the blonds I can see the vendetta against them.  Though one would think that taking them down would be easy since she used to be one but I guess that isn’t always so.  I can understand losing track of the colors she dyed her hair because I don’t remember mine(the only one I do remember is purple because I waited a YEAR to do it) but it’s the nerd thing that irked me.  They show the current nerd stereotype of her male buddies (going off to LARP, loving Lord of the Rings, digging the comic book scene, over weight, etc) and put her with them as the lone female nerd that could possibly rally against the stereotype and blah, blah, blah.  Yes there are those types of nerd out there but if someone looked at me and nerdy friends, well, we wouldn’t seem like nerds(Grendal is 6’2″, physically fit, into martial arts and sports, and essentially a wall of a man as a friend puts it).  And another thing…..Liz is supposed to be vegan but she’s snacking on McD’s stuff?  I highly doubt that the shake and fries she had were vegan friendly.

All in all the show will be enjoyed by the MTV generation at large, Liz will be idolized by possible ‘nerdy’ girls, and MTV will continue to produce bad ‘reality’ shows.  Hey, they just want to make money and people want to watch something they find entertaining.  More power to ’em, right?

For me, I’ll stick with Bones and Psych for today….and I’ll keep my distance from MTV.

That Other Thing

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I didn’t always want to go into the veterinary field.  For a while I wanted to be a teacher.  At first I was aiming for English but after a while it shifted to History, and Japanese History at that.  I had everything planned out too!  I was going to major in Japanese History and get something in Business, and also become ‘fluent’ in the language which would open up more opportunities for me.  That fell to the wayside for two huge reasons: I’d have to get a Master’s Degree to teach the subject and, well, I can go off on some major tangents when it comes to things I love.  Seriously, the moment we would hit the Sengoku Period everything would go out the window and I’d be rambling on for days about the battles and the awesomeness that was Nobunaga and then the craptacular Tokugawa (don’t ask).  Besides, why spend hours in a classroom learning things that I can learn on my own?  I can get access to the same books without a problem!  And I wouldn’t have to do homework.  🙂

One thing that has never changed throughout the years, though, is my ‘want’ to become an author.  Ever since my father gave me the push I needed for reading I was hooked on literature.  Books have been something special for me because I didn’t really have friends until high school and, well, I didn’t have to listen to books.  Sounds weird, I know, but it’s the truth.  When I was a toddler I lost, roughly, 40% of my hearing due to chronic ear infections and then blocking behind the eardrums.  This all happened around the time when children start learning words and how to use them.  I communicated through sounds that only my elder sister understood.  But once the doctors found out what was wrong things started to get fixed and, about 6 surgeries later(spread out over years), I’m better!  I still have hearing issues and due to that late start I have a tendency not to hear things at first.  Some people call it selective hearing but I seriously don’t…..because I’ve used ‘selective’ hearing before. *snrk*  But yes,  I learned to read and speak a little later and had to go through ‘speech classes’ to learn how to pronounce words and what not (yay for Hooked on Phonics).  Long story short: I had hearing issues that affected my reading capability at a young age but thanks to dear ol’ dad I love books and now want to write!

Back on track, ever since elementary school I wanted to have my stories published.  My writing style and genre has changed over the years and I’ve been molded by my favorite authors as well as many campaigns of Dungeons and Dragons.  I’ve been working on three different stories for a few years now in hopes to get one of them finished and then published.  It started out with one and then I had Writer’s Block with that story and started a new one.  Then the cycle repeated and I’m working on a new one!  This one, though, seems to be a little more promising then the first two and I am nearly to the halfway point in the writing!  Once I manage to finish it all, I’ll start refining it and having Grendal go through and be my editor.

My New Year’s Resolution this year is this: I will finish my novel and get it published!  And not through a self-publish site.  I will start beating down the doors to publishing houses and one of these days my book will grace the shelves of bookstores!……and hopefully be bought, lol!

Yeah….I’m a dork

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Before the lovely bovine test today a few of my classmates and I were cramming as much as possible.  One of the things we were going to be doing on the test is looking at the different breeds of bovine and provide breed name, if it was beef or dairy, and an interesting fact.  One of the breeds was the Brahman.  Me, being the game fan that I am, told one of my classmates that the fact that I was going to put down was that the Brahman appear in the game Fallout 3, though they now sport two heads due to the nuclear fallout in the post apocalyptic world.  She looked at me, shook her head and laughed and told me that I was weird.  All I could do was laugh in response.  In the end, though, the Brahman didn’t appear in the test and I so would have argued my point about that interesting fact because our instructor never said what kind of fact we had to present.