I’ve been to the darkside…I wasn’t impressed

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Gaming
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I had to watch my eldest niece yesterday before she went off to school.  As a way to thank me not only did my sister provide me with food and little bit of money, she let me play with her Wii.  I was a little iffy about playing it but since I had nothing better to do I thought, I might as well.  Now, this was the first time I really messed with the system.  I own a 360 and a PS3 and I am very happy with them, but I haven’t seen the need to purchase Nintendo’s system.  They don’t have any games I want and the big thing about the Wii, the motion control, just didn’t have the wow factor for me.  I’m also not impressed by Sony’s attempt at motion control for the PS3 but I am interested in seeing what Microsoft’s Project Natal is going to do.

Okay, back on subject.  So I played a few of the games that my sister own.  I was the general Wii Music, Wii Sports, etc.  I popped them in and had to stand the entire time.  Don’t get me wrong, standing is perfectly fine but I like to be relaxed when I play games…..it’s my stress reliever.  But how my sister had things set up, I had to stand.  The Wiimote was touchy.  I did put the nice little adapter on because I’ve heard of people complaining about how it was funky to work with…..this thing was funky to work with and I don’t want to know what the problem was if this is the solution.  The games were mediocre compared to what I can get my paws on for the 360 or PS3.  My opinion might shift slightly if I can play one of the rare M rated games for the system and at that point I may be able to find out if the graphics are crap or not, like some people have said.

So overall…..I wasn’t impressed

  1. Gil says:

    I’ll admit that my Wii is pretty much sitting dusty on the shelf. Not literally but figuratively 😀

    After the initial ooohs and aaaahs with the new control scheme and after Metroid Prime 3, I haven’t had much interest in it. Don’t get me wrong, there are great games for it but there are way too many awesome games that are already released or will be soon for the PS3 & 360.

    • chibivega says:

      There is a game that I’m interested in trying for the Wii, which is Okami(love the game!), but I have a copy for my PS2. I don’t mind the system, it’s great for families, the young kids, and casual/party gamer, but I’m with you and the awesome games that are out(and soon to be) for the other two systems.

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