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Posted: January 23, 2010 in Gaming
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Friday afternoon is my time to relax and take it easy, mainly through the outlet of rounds of Halo.  Before ODST came out my little group and I would do nothing but matchmaking for Halo 3 and we were pretty good.  Once ODST came out and Grendal and I went through the game, then helped our buddies, we went straight into Firefight.  Now I’ve never played Gears of War, but if Firefight is anything like what they originally did I could see myself trying my hand at it.

Usually our start up time is about 1pm-ish but since MLK day is a holiday, my school had to makeup for lost time and my usual empty Friday became a 7 hour school day.  I was fine until my last class was over and then I felt exhausted.  My buddies were hoping o play some Extraction Point from Army of two: 40 Days, but the company decided to pull a dick move and say “Only one player per screen.”  😐  Seriously?  I can understand their reasoning but even ODST made the exception for two players on one screen.  So, unless Grendal and I decide to fork over more money for a second 360, no Extraction Point for the lot of us…..unless one of us sits out, which wouldn’t be fun.

So yes, Firefight was played and there was some fun in that.  We all have our unspoken roles: Grendal is an upclose heavy hitter, Gigs sticks to vehicles and uses any weapons he can manage to get his hands on, Renny is in a similar boat as Grendal, and I am the group’s sniper/pistol bitch.  Seriously, almost every round my favorite weapon is the Pistol and well over half  of my kills are headshots.  I am the headshot queen….in my group any way.  I do get a little fiesty when someone steps into my realm of a role as sniper, without asking if they can take the other sniper rifle or just giving me a heads up.  Now, Renny has a slight issue with me.  I don’t rack up points with how I work, I stay back and just pick people off and I survive the longest.  Renny doesn’t like to be shown up by a girl and, at times, decides to go toe to toe with me.  He is a great player, and it’s usually Grendal and Renny who are fighting for first place score-wise.  But, fore some reason, Renny decided to snag the other sniper rifle without giving a heads up and stared taking out enemies right in front of me… the little bastards I was about to kill.  After a little annoyance I dropped my sniper and picked up energy weapons and yes, making the snide comment of “There only needs to be one sniper” which seemed to go unnoticed.  If he was good at it, I probably wouldn’t have complained but since sniping is the only thing I do while the boys are off taking down tanks, they haven’t been able to build up their skill with it.  Except for Gigs, he’s my buddy.

In the end, though, my anger went away while Renny played FEAR 2 and got freaked out by Alma.  I made Renny, Grendal, and myself some dinner and we had a pretty good night in the end.  It was a good night and now I must study for a damned Bovine test, hoorah.


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