Too Much of a Good Thing

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Life
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I stepped outside tonight and realized something: I watch way too many scary movies and play too many survival horror games for my own.  Seriously, there was one night a few years ago that I had gone out with some of my girlfriends and we managed to get ourselves lost on a country road in the middle of the night.  To top it off there was a car following us(turns out they got lost too, thanks to the stupid detour signs).  Me, being the person that I am, just blurted out the first thing that came to mind: “You know, this is how a lot of scary movies start.”  The others told me to shut up because it was true.

Well it’s an extremely foggy night, here in Northern Illinois and it’s one of those foggy nights where you can’t see for more than 100 yards.  What’s great is that street is just beyond that wall of fog and it’s all being illuminated a sickly yellowish color thanks to the street lamps.  I think everything looks like a bad rip off of Silent Hill, Grendal says it would be a horrible night for a zombie attack.  We’re both in agreement.

So, we ended up going out to dinner with Grendal’s parents and then off to the local Borders for some book browsing.  We made a b-line to the gaming/science fiction section.  Grendal noticed a new Cthulu game and I pointed out a game called Pathfinder.  I’ve seen people online raving about it so we took a look see on the inside and it looks rather simple and fun; an easy conversion.  We didn’t have the 50$ to fork over to purchase the core book so I wandered off to find something else to look at and possibly buy.  I ended up finding a copy of Nightlight, a Twilight parody and something that I’ve been looking for.  I never got into the Twilight craze and I doubt I will ever touch the books.  I will admit that I tried but halfway through the first book and I had to put it down due to the cheese factor.  Listening to other go on about the series, I know as much about as I need to and I have decided the only way I’ll get my happy little butt to watch the movies is if the last one has a nice graphic birthing scene.  Seriously, the thought of a vampire baby eating it’s way out of mommy’s stomach and then having your vampire husband give a c-section via his fangs…’s brutally lovely!  I need some good gore in my tween movies.

Anywho, the book is funny and I need to stop procrastinating.  The rest of this night will be spent studying and, if I’m lucky, with an hour or two of Sims2!


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