Posted: January 24, 2010 in Gaming
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I like the Sims and just like any good Sims player I’ve made myself into a


Me, dancin' like the dork I am

Sim, as well as a few friends.  Now, I grouped us all together and shoved us into one house.  My aspirations are Knowledge and Family (all the way up to Free Time, baby!), but before I added the second aspiration to any of us I decided to see what every wanted at the moment of moving in.  Grendal(with his romance aspiration) just wanted to boink people, Gigs wanted to have a job in the Entertainment world(like magic!), Joe wanted to become part of the seedy underworld of crime, Rei wanted to earn some money, and me?  Well, first thing on my want list was to get a job in the Gaming field.  WTF? 😐  Seriously?  I think I need to stay away from this game if it starts pulling this crap.

On the lighter side, look at me over there!  I can’t dance worth a crap even in a game! 😀  Be forewarned, I will post random Sims pictures when I find them too good to pass up.

Meh, who am I kidding?  I won’t stop, lol.


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