Worry Wart

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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The first thing that someone learn about is that I worry to much.  Okay, I lied, it’s that fact that I don’t have a leash on my inner child but that’s something completely different.  Yes, I worry and some times a little too much and over the smallest things.  I was overly paranoid about my test today in my Large Animals class and rightly so: the first page was a bear(not literally).  It was rough 28 disease that we had to match with a definition.  Not too bad but it was made worse thanks to the fact that things were so jumbled up.  Yeah, didn’t do too good on that part, so I’m hoping to get out of that test with a C.  I have a total of three more tests, on more in my Large Animals class and two other is my other class, which is about stuff we have to do in the exam room.  Fun, fun, fun.

Last night was also my big gaming night with my buddies.  It ended up being cut short because the group decided that instead of going through roughly five more ‘boss battles’ with an injured player (who was one of the front line fighters) we decided to head back in to town.  Grendal, being our DM, decided to call the game since two of our players with sick/wilting and heading back in to town could take some time in game.  I was a little disappointed because there is a possibility of some more story being added and part of it includes my character, Xyrygosa (a Dwelf…ask and I’ll explain), getting chummy with the person the others consider the enemy.  Xyry is a Berseker (a modified version of the Barbarian) and isn’t known for her cunning and wily ways.  The group knows her as the hard hitter and a chick who can take down a Roc in one hit (seriously, 2 or 3rd level character critting on a Roc….wasn’t supposed to happen), not the manipulative person that she can be and has been.  I managed to do some ‘military business’ right beneath their noses and no one questioned the validity of it.  She’s a neutral character, so it’s all within reason.

I also ended up snapping, slightly, at Renny last night while we were cleaning up.  He’s making a new character since his current one is retiring.  There is a legit reason why he’s doing it in game but it’s his real/out of game reason that bothers me: the character isn’t as cool as he wanted it to be and isn’t the ‘best’ at something.  The character started out trying to be a heavy hitter.  A modified Ranger character trying to beat out a modified Barbarian character?  Who do you think won?  Well Renny is trying to make a new character (a drow, you gamers out there know what that means) and is not only making it an OP but he’s already gloating.  There is no bigger gaming pet peeve of mine then a player going on and on about how great their character is.  I will talk about some of the spiffy things I’ve done but I will be the first to admit that my characters aren’t perfect.  Hell, Xyrygosa has nearly died 10 times already but it’s just been the luck of the dice that I’ve managed to survive.

Back on track….Renny has gone on about how his character has access to every skill, how his jump/balance is insane, that he’ll be able to hit someone from great disntances, that you shouldn’t help him if he asks a favor, etc.  Now, I love Renny to death but when he gets on these stints it just drives me nuts because he doesn’t know how to be humble.  There was a point earlier in this campaign where he brought up something like the grand total of damage his character can dish out if he crit-ed(after going on about other things the character could do).  I was curious to see how much Xyry could do, so I did the math and announced it to him.  Renny’s response was to look at me and tell me that it wasn’t a pissing contest.  That flipped my switch and I was out the door because the last thing I wanted to do was get angry.  The one thing that he doesn’t understand is that not only has Grendal created OP characters so nothing Renny is doing is all that new, but I’ve created some insane characters myself(sure, it took me years but I can do it with the right class!).

So yes, I snapped on Renny last night.  I told him he needed to be humble, that I understand that he’s excited about his new character, but he needs to tone it down just a little bit.  It was like talking to a brick wall….AGAIN.  I’m starting to give up on that boy.  He has to be good at something or out shine someone else.  He has this need to be ‘cool’ around a group of people that don’t really care about being ‘cool.’  Ah well.  If it comes down to it Xyry can kill the character in one hit(she’s killed one character twice on accident…they came back both times) or I can just take my sweet, sweet revenge through her cohort: a Warlock.  Oh the fun that will be had with him.

The only thing is, I feel bad for snapping and then thinking like this.  I don’t want to come off as a bitch but things need to be said or I’ll be driving myself insane worrying about not stepping on toes.  I suppose I just need to get over that fear, figure out what I need to say and how to say it…..and hopefully Renny can take it like a man.


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