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Posted: January 26, 2010 in Life
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I didn’t always want to go into the veterinary field.  For a while I wanted to be a teacher.  At first I was aiming for English but after a while it shifted to History, and Japanese History at that.  I had everything planned out too!  I was going to major in Japanese History and get something in Business, and also become ‘fluent’ in the language which would open up more opportunities for me.  That fell to the wayside for two huge reasons: I’d have to get a Master’s Degree to teach the subject and, well, I can go off on some major tangents when it comes to things I love.  Seriously, the moment we would hit the Sengoku Period everything would go out the window and I’d be rambling on for days about the battles and the awesomeness that was Nobunaga and then the craptacular Tokugawa (don’t ask).  Besides, why spend hours in a classroom learning things that I can learn on my own?  I can get access to the same books without a problem!  And I wouldn’t have to do homework.  🙂

One thing that has never changed throughout the years, though, is my ‘want’ to become an author.  Ever since my father gave me the push I needed for reading I was hooked on literature.  Books have been something special for me because I didn’t really have friends until high school and, well, I didn’t have to listen to books.  Sounds weird, I know, but it’s the truth.  When I was a toddler I lost, roughly, 40% of my hearing due to chronic ear infections and then blocking behind the eardrums.  This all happened around the time when children start learning words and how to use them.  I communicated through sounds that only my elder sister understood.  But once the doctors found out what was wrong things started to get fixed and, about 6 surgeries later(spread out over years), I’m better!  I still have hearing issues and due to that late start I have a tendency not to hear things at first.  Some people call it selective hearing but I seriously don’t…..because I’ve used ‘selective’ hearing before. *snrk*  But yes,  I learned to read and speak a little later and had to go through ‘speech classes’ to learn how to pronounce words and what not (yay for Hooked on Phonics).  Long story short: I had hearing issues that affected my reading capability at a young age but thanks to dear ol’ dad I love books and now want to write!

Back on track, ever since elementary school I wanted to have my stories published.  My writing style and genre has changed over the years and I’ve been molded by my favorite authors as well as many campaigns of Dungeons and Dragons.  I’ve been working on three different stories for a few years now in hopes to get one of them finished and then published.  It started out with one and then I had Writer’s Block with that story and started a new one.  Then the cycle repeated and I’m working on a new one!  This one, though, seems to be a little more promising then the first two and I am nearly to the halfway point in the writing!  Once I manage to finish it all, I’ll start refining it and having Grendal go through and be my editor.

My New Year’s Resolution this year is this: I will finish my novel and get it published!  And not through a self-publish site.  I will start beating down the doors to publishing houses and one of these days my book will grace the shelves of bookstores!……and hopefully be bought, lol!


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