Oh come on

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Gaming
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I swear the world has it out for me sometime, but other times it likes me.  Almost every year there is a kick ass movie coming out around my birthday, which is great!  Wish that would happen in the gaming world, but no.  What always happens?  The games that I’m dying to play and buy are always released within a week of each other if not on the same freakin’ day.  😐  Now I have to choose what game to buy (Dante’s Inferno, Bioshock 2, or Aliens v. Predator) or if I should just rent them one by one and figure it out from there.  I’m already planning on purchasing Darksiders, so I have to figure out if I should put that purchase on hold.

I swear I’ll punch something if there is another good release around the release date of Persona 3 Portable…and I will.


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