Space Madness

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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Finally got around to seeing Pandorum!  When it was out in theaters I was a little iffy about seeing because I heard some negative reviews about it being nothing more than a zombie movie in space.  Yeah, that’s all that I wanted….more zombies.  But tonight after a failed attempt at seeing Sherlock Holmes, Grendal and I rented Gamer and Pandorum, since they were both on our ‘to watch’ list.  We didn’t know what to expect, except that it was a movie set in space with some creepy albinos and some form of space madness.  I was up for it because, well, I love sci-fi movies and I love movies that throw in the whole ‘is he crazy?’ bit.  After watching it I have figured out that this is on my ‘to buy’ list now!  The movie was amazing; the story was great, acting was good, graphics were nice, and everything was wrapped up beautifully.  What would’ve made it a little better would have been taking the last deleted scene and placing it after the credits….talk about a moment that would’ve had me flailing in my seat going ‘Oh my god, what the fuck? Freakin’ awesome!’  So yeah, 10/10 for this movie because I could watch it over again and still find it enjoyable.

Played some more ODST today.  We’re nearly done with all of the achievements, just have one more to go.  Renny was nice before we started and asked if I wanted to take up the sniper position, but I declined.  😐  I didn’t feel like messing with it today, especially after last week.  We played through a few rounds of Firefight which was fun, though a little aggravating.  Seems like Renny doesn’t like the fact that I’m the god of headshots for our group and usually the one with the least amount of deaths.  So he decided to start trying for headshots and he beat my score, which isn’t a bad thing except that he made the comment of actually trying for it.  I don’t mean to sound cocky but I don’t try for headshots, I just do it.  Grendal made a snide comment about Renny being upset that a girl was out doing him in that area but I was the only one that heard it, which was all fine and dandy because Renny would’ve denied it anyway.  Renny also was making sure he had the lowest death rate, mainly by hiding in corners.  The way I do it is by staying behind the heavy shooters and taking pot shots.  The baddies focus on my friends and I can take ’em down.  The one thing that I know is bothering Renny is the fact that his score is low, though he’s now claiming he doesn’t care for the score(which is BS because he has gloated about having the highest score in some sessions).  It’s rare that I have a quarter of the session’s score but I really don’t do it for the score; I play for stress relief and for my friends…..if it wasn’t for our Friday play dates I wouldn’t really have a social life(sad, I know).  Yeah, there isn’t much I can say to Renny to wake him up to the situation.  All I can do is keep my pistol and show him how it’s done with that.  I really don’t need the sniper rifle to rack up my usual points, that weapon was used to take down tank gunners and annoying Brutes.  lol

All in all, though, the day wasn’t too bad.  Renny is still trying to OP his new DnD character, going as far as seeing if his medium character could wield a huge bow.  Grendal explained that he could but all it would give him was a slight boost in damage, which wasn’t what Renny wanted….he wants to be able to hit things more often then everyone else.  I should stop there before I start ranting about that.  Seriously, folks, I love Renny to death; he’s the annoying kid brother I never had.  HA!


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