Think About It….

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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Just got done watching Gamer, with Gerard Butler.  It wasn’t too bad….I’d give it a 6/10.  It was a great concept and one that many gamers have thought of but, in the end, it just wasn’t as awesome as it could have been.  Was kinda hoping for a nice little twist at the end but didn’t get one.  I loved the beginning but after Kable got out of ‘prison’ it wasn’t as wonderful as it had been.  Meh, I’d watch it on TV but it’s not purchase material for me…..not like Pandorum.

I’ve been playing Dragon Age again.  I have the PC version which means I can mod the hell out of it like Grendal and I have done with Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Sims 2.  I was annoyed with the fact that the hair, tattoo, skin, and eye colors sucked and luckily some loverly modders felt the same and fixed it, and then another modder showed up and put those mods together so they’d work out just fine!  So my character looks better then what she could have been.  Also ended up downloading a body mod.  Sure, I’m not going to run around with all my fighters in the nude but if I decide to strip them down inbetween outfitting them with nice things I don’t want to look at their HIDEOUS underwear.  I also got a mod called ‘Better Sex Cutscenes’…..because I’m a perv like that.  Seriously, the game’s sex scene was odd and could’ve been better.  Luckily someone went through and started to modify that so it was better.  They even went as far as giving you some options: Mild, Medium, and Zesty!  Mild is your normal with better camera angles, Medium has some extended cutscenes for certain characters, and Zesty….well, Zesty is a little better then Medium (a little longer) and there are 3 characters that have modified scenes!  Morrigan is at her dirtiest, Zevran apparently gets extra naught, and Alistair starts out sweet but gets naughtier the more you do it. 😉  I haven’t tried these out yet, but I can’t wait to see how they play out.

Yeah…..I’m a perv and the biggest perv in my group of friends. lol.


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