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My Coffee Told Me So

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Gaming

Went to the video store yesterday to pick up Heavy Rain.  I was looking at the back of it, getting all excited, when Grendal says, “Hey, this looks like an alternative to Silent Hill.”  Well, after hearing those magic words I became interested.  Hanging on to Heavy Rain I took a look see at this other game, Deadly Premonition.  It seemed very much like a Silent Hill game and I decided to try it over Heavy Rain.  Why?  Deadly Premonition had a better box description, and it had a freaky looking ghost thing(that only the Japanese can do) on the back of the box.

So I rented the game and we went home.  I decided to wait until it go dark to play, as per usual when it comes to anything remotely scary.  In the meantime I decided to see what people were saying about the game since I had never heard about it.  Every review I saw was negative, and it was mainly harping on graphics, bad voice acting, and the fact that it seemed like a B movie.  A little voice inside of me worried if I made the wrong choice, so I checked out the forms at GameFAQS.  Oddly enough it was getting praise there!  The people were pretty much saying that you either get the game or you don’t.  Ignore the ‘bad’ graphics because it’s all about story!  This game is going to become a cult hit, much like God Hand, Time Shift, and Kuon.   Now all of that got me interested again.

Sure enough the graphics weren’t up to date when you compare it to things like Modern Warfare but it wasn’t god awful.  I’d say about PS2 worthy graphics when you looked at the trees but some of the graphics for the people weren’t bad!  The voice acting isn’t bad but it was a little better than B movie.  The one thing that cracks me up, though, is the music!  It’s great but they have this odd little goofy jig play in some of the weirdest spots!  I’m loving it so far, though it isn’t as fast paced as I’m used to.

I’m not too far into the game but it’s great so far and reminiscent of older survival horror games!


Under the Radar

Posted: February 23, 2010 in DnD, Gaming, Life
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A few things have happened since I last posted, though it’s nothing major it’s still been interesting.  My Friday gaming buddies and I finally obtained the Endure achievement for Halo ODST!  It was the last multiplayer achievement we needed and on Friday it was done on our first try, which made us very happy!  Grendal and I now have a 1k score for the game and that means we’re pretty much done with the game and we’re now waiting for the BETA for Reach.  Sadly this also means we don’t have anything else to play.  D:  We’re a picky group when it comes to multiplayer games and we’re also a little hesitant to jump back into Halo 3 after so long of not playing it.  More than likely we will play the game but I’m not too sure I want to right away.  I do wish that Alien v. Predator had a split screen multiplayer but it doesn’t, which means, in total, 3 more games would have to be purchased, two more TV, a new 360, and a new LIVE account.  😐  Seriously?  No way that’s going to happen, which means no AvP for our group unless Grendal and I are at home.

Sunday night gaming felt a little drawn out but that was to be expected.  Nicolai, my warlock, came in under the radar, which isn’t too bad(he’d like it) but I did make him an interesting character so it irks me that no one took notice of him.  Then again, we had an actual new character pop in, our Drow, which people were more interested in(no surprise).  Renny did a group job of making the character egotistical and have that ‘holier than thou’ attitude.  Now we get to see if he falls suit with the other ‘typical’ Drow traits… following the leader/the strongest person in the group.  Xyrygosa is the strongest hands down(no one would argue) but I’ve said she isn’t the leader and she probably wouldn’t like it either.  Still, male Drow wouldn’t be too spastic around a physically strong and emotional person(yay for that fire elf side).  I still have my doubts that Renny can play a Drow to it’s true/full potential.  He wants to OP and be bad ass more than create a complex character.  To each their own, I suppose.

Went to a slaughter house yesterday! 😀  It was for class and we got to see a cow be humanely slaughtered.  I swear that when the jugular vein was cut it was like someone turned a faucet on full blast.  The whole thing was pretty interesting and a nice learning experience.  Got to look at some internal organs and even a skinned cow head.  Some of the other girls freaked out because a few of the small muscles on the face were still twitching.  I found it nifty and was surprised that either they didn’t realize or know that there is still some slight muscle movement after death.  After that, though, the owner of the place gave us a sample of one their products: some Slim Jim type deal which was AMAZING!

I love my meat!

Nerd Rage

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Gaming
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Yesterday Grendal and I went out and picked up our copy of Alien v. Predator.  I laid claim to the Alien storyline and he, in turn, demanded the Predator.  I said I was interested in playing the human which shocked him since I was having a hard time getting into it.  I agreed to let him have the first play through though.  I zipped through the Alien’s story and, though it was short, I enjoyed it.  After that I jumped on to LIVE to do some Ranked Matches but I found myself rather annoyed; people were constantly quitting in the middle of matches.  Now, a friend of mine commented that it was just a LIVE thing, but I’ve played a whole lot of Halo 3 multiplayer and there is little to no midgame quitting there. >:|  Seriously people, just because you’re not doing as well as you want or you feel like you’re being ganged up on, doesn’t mean you have to quit.  I played a match today that only had 5 people(including myself) and that wasn’t fun but I stuck through it.  Sure I ended up being last but it seemed like these people also had nothing better to do……and I was the lowest ranking player.  -_-;

All in all I’m loving this game!  It may not be the shinning pinnacle of awesomeness that games try to achieve, but it has a niche that I love!  I’d recommend that everyone either rent it or borrow it from a friend!  So yeah, 8/10!   If I can get my little Friday afternoon gaming guys to get copies we might play AvP rather than Halo: ODST….once we get our last damned achievement.

And no more NERD RAGE.

You Kneed My Boob

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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I know, I know….odd title but I uttered those very words on Valentine’s Day.

The day of love fell on our weekly gaming night so rather then call everything off for the day our group decided to get together for a movie night, sans Gigs since he was spending it with a friend who was leaving for basic training.  So it ended up being Grendal, myself, Renny, Val, and Drist.  Now, Renny was the odd one out since not only was he the 5th person but he isn’t in a relationship, though this wasn’t a lovey dovey thing for us.  No, we watched Fanboys and intended to watch Kiki’s Delivery Service but got sidetracked by a game called Fluxx.  The only way I can explain it is by using Drist’s explanation: it’s like Calvin Ball.  If you don’t know what Calvin Ball is, look up the comic Calvin and Hobbes, you’ll learn quick enough.

But yes, there were movies, card games, sweets, and a wee bit of drinking.  It was only a beer each(roughly) so it’s not like we got plastered.  Things did get a little weird when Renny decided to make some pervy comments at my expense and Grendal decided not to defend me.  He even went as far as saying Renny could have my heart(reffering to this odd inflatable heart shaped Valentine’s Day card) as long as he had my body.  Renny and Drist were the only ones to hear it(I found out the next day), so us girls were left in the dark, though I did try to get the information out of Renny but he was tight lipped.

Now, the title came from this.  Renny does something called boffer fighting….which is pretty much a bunch of people whacking each other with foam weapons.  I can’t call it fighting because, well, if you used actual battle skills with the weapons they would probably break.  No matter what, though, the people have fun and get a work out, so more power to them.  Anywho, Renny went to this big boffer thing the day before so he was pretty sore that night.  He does sheepishly admit that he is a masochist(he’s okay with saying that now that I’ve gone on about me being sadomasochistic to a small extent) which always entices me to tickle him, mainly because his sides usually hurt as well.  That night I was just wiggling my fingers above him and he was already spazzing out; the anticipation was killing him.  So I decided to get it over with and went to jab his sore sides.  His response was to curl in on himself.  That action caused him to knee my boob rather hard.  I proclaimed that, collapsed, and all of that incited giggles from our friends…..all while Grendal was trying to figure out his next move in Fluxx.

It was a great night in the end but I can’t wait to get back to our normal routine.  Until then, though, I’ll be weighing the option of playing AvP or Dragon Age. 😮

The Other Kind

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Life
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I’ve mentioned my love of writing before and the fact that I’m in the process of writing a novel (9 chapters and 71 pages of a rough draft!).  It’s a fantasy novel and my current ‘baby.’  One thing I failed to mention is the other kind of writing that I do.  Fan fiction.  I know, I know….Fanfics are the bane of ‘real’ writers but I find it a nice little outlet for my frustrations when I get Writer’s Block and, well, a way to write other kinds of genre.

My fanfic days started out with Mortal Kombat and drifted over to Sailor Moon and then to Phantom of the Opera after a point(huge jump, I know).  I left it behind for years and would occasionally read some but nothing ever met my standards for readable items.  It’s been within this past year or two that I got back in to reading and writing fanfics.  More specifically Persona 4 fanfics!  Now since the internet provides nice anonymity I’ve gotten into a genre I wouldn’t normally write due to me being too embarrassed to let ANYONE read: smut.  Even now I’m feeling a little red in cheeks.  Grendal knows about my adventures into writing smut and, while he hasn’t read mine, he has read some nice ones and says that I should just embrace it.  It’s helping me flex my creative muscles.

I do have a rather long Persona 4 fanfic that has been put on hold and, while I won’t mention my name, can be read on, as well as another Persona 4 wip.  Both are M rated pieces and while the website doesn’t like that type of stuff on their site, it’s still there.  I also add little stories to the lovely fic meme, Bad Bad Bathhouse.  I love the other writers there and the fact that everything is anonymous; no embarrassment for the requester and the filler!  It also helps me realize that I’m not too bad at this smut business, lol!

So yes, years from now when I’m a famous author and someone asks me what I used to write…..I’ll say fanfics and smutty ones at that!

LOL, wut?

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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I was looking through the recent Game Informer, sifting through the crap I don’t care about and the stuff that seems interesting and I came across their little calendar for the month of March.  I just kinda glanced over things, giggled at the yellow Elite, and then I noticed they had an image from Clash of the Titans.  Me being the nerdling that I am wanted to see what they had to say about it.  This what they put out:

Hollywood once again rips off a video games idea.  Today’s release[March 26], Clash of the Titans, is basically God of War: The Movie.  Hydra? Seen it.  Minotaur? Boring.  The movie even steals locations, like Athens and Hades, straight from the game.  Shameless.  Just shameless.”

My jaw dropped when I read that.  Now, I want to give these guys the benefit of the doubt.  I mean, come on!  Everyone knows that Clash of the Titans is a remake of the ’81 film of the same name….right?  With the leaps and bounds we’ve made in technology since ’81 and with popular media the way it is(there is nothing original anymore), it’s no surprise that there would be similarities with something else.  It irritates me that the person/people claim Clash is a ripoff of GoW, mainly because GoW isn’t too original in and of itself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the hack n’ slash game and the fact that they put in some classic mythology but by the second game it was old news and they could’ve done better.  True, they added a bit of the Zesus myth not many people know about(the fact that history would repeat itself, and the son would kill the father[Zesus destroyed Cronus and Zesus’ son would kill him]) so things aren’t all that bad…..just wish someone would include some of the primordial deities.  I mean they introduced the Moirae, which opens up everything to the likes of Nyx and so many more.  Meh, that’s beside the point.

So, all in all I HIGHLY doubt Clash of the Titans is ripping of God of War.  If anything they would’ve taken things from 300, Gladiator, and what not.  I’m seeing the movie no matter what, because the original kicked ass when I was a kid and Liam Neeson as Zesus?  What can be better then that?  😀

I Lied, Bite Me

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Gaming
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Grendal and I went to the video rental yesterday after one of my midterms.  I was so excited about picking up a copy of Dante’s Inferno, I had been waiting for a while now!  None of my friends have been talking about it so I was anxious to play it and give them a heads up on how it is.  We get into the store and make a B-line to the cove of video games(seriously, they’re in their own little cove).  My inner child suddenly takes over and I literally bounce/hop over to where Dante’s Inferno is and then froze.  All six copies were GONE.  D:  Talk about bogus.  I didn’t bother looking at the PS3 copies because that system is picking up more popularity here and, well, when one system is out if the other system has it, it’s gone too.

So I pout and look around at the games.  Bioshock 2 still has two copies in stock.  Now, I know I said I would wait to play it but I was itching for something new to play, and I think Grendal would strangle me if I spent another weekend hogging MY computer playing Dragon Age. *snrk*  So, after making a comment that about Dante’s Inferno having a sticker stating ‘Must Be 18 Or Older To Rent’ (thanks to boobage, I suppose) I snagged one of the copies of Bioshock 2.  It feels nice being the first person to rent that copy of the game.

I went home and played it promptly.  I’m loving it, though I am slightly disappointed.  The differences are amazing but the similarities are glaringly obvious.  Despite that, though, it’s great so far and I don’t think I’m halfway through it.  Though, I am upset how fast I’m tearing through ammo, EVE, and health.  😐  I’ll just switch up my strategy on the second play through.

Now, it’ll be interesting to see if our gaming buddies ask Grendal, rather then myself, how Bioshock 2 is.  Do they honestly forget that two people are on the same account and that I might actually be playing something?  I play more games then Grendal does, now anyway. *shrug* Ah well.