Smelling of Goat

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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Went out to the ‘farm’ again for my Large Animal class.  This time we got to work with goats and sheep rather then cows.  It was nice.  I got to work with a classmate I was comfortable with and we actually got stuff done at a nice rate.  I also got to know her a little better, which was great.

One spiffy thing was the fact that we got to name our goats.  It was jsut the name we’d be calling it, which was sad because I think the owner may have found it funny.  I named our goat Feta(yes, like the cheese) which was rather funny because they were milking goats.  Yeah, silly but I thought it was sweet.  Plus Feta was nice and stayed rather calm and was REALLY mellow once we gave her a sedative.  It wore off pretty fast, which was bad.  Sure she kinda just hung out there but we figured that she was getting out of her stupor once she started erecting and chewing on that freakin’ cud.  It was weird to watch her do that and even freakier feeling it come up when you were restraining her head.  I was able to do a jugular puncture but, unfourtunatly, my partner was not because the woman helping us was a dofus and Feta was wide awake and moving around.  Ah well, my partner says she’ll get enough vein punctures done once we get to the horse part of the class(she’s very much a horse person).

This class is proving tobe something else.  I’m doing shitty on the tests but the labs and homework are coming back fine. 😦  Not good.  I do have some extra credit I can work on in hopes of bumping up my grade and I can hopefully get in on one of the clinic days(if we have one more during this quarter).  In the end, I”m not giving up and there is not point in me dropping the class.  I’ll just chug through and PRAY that I can pass because I really don’t want to take this class over.

Gaming last night was okay.  Nothing really special, though it would have been better if I wasn’t so moody.  The battle that we had started(didn’t finish it within the 4 hours we had) was inspired by the creatures from Shadow of the Colossus, which was an idea that Grendal and I had a few years ago.  I honestly love the idea but since I was moody and wanted more roleplay(rather then rollplay) but I explained to Grendal since it seemed like it upset him.  I enjoyed it but I want more story.  😐  Blarg.  Hopefully this coming sunday night will be fun and Rennycan introduce his ‘kick ass’ character *eye roll*.  I just want some interactions….and I’ll have my chance to introduce my Warlock in time.


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