So Scared

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Life

Everyone’s been sacred or afraid.  I’ve played a lot of scary games and I’ve watched more horror movies than I could name but I’ve never really been afraid or gotten scared.  Now, though, I find myself really scared.  Why?  I mentioned in an earlier post how I used to have hearing issues and chronic ear infections, to the point where I lost part of my hearing.  Growing up I’ve been nervous every time I had an ear ache(no matter how ‘small’).  It’s the good kind of paranoia!

Since Monday I’ve been having the faintest of dull pains in my right ear and it’s been popping randomly.  I was like, “Okay….you have a minor ear infaction, nothing big!  This has happened before and it should go away in a day or two, just like the others!”  This morning it was the same deal, some slight pain and popping.  About ten minutes before leaving I was suddnly hit by the most intense pain that I can remember.  It felt like my eardrum was going to rupture, or something.  The pain brought me so close to tears and finally dulled to something managable after about minute, maybe two.  I told my mother and she told me I needed to get to a walk-in clinic this afternoon.  I’m reluctant to do so but I can’t gamble with something that has been an issue in the past(2 ear infections in 6 months is a bad, bad thing) and possibly screw up my ear again.  On the way to school the pain came back, not as bad but it was still so very painfull.  I think the ibuprofen has helped slightly but I don’t know.

From what my mother says the pain is due to pressure build up behind the eardrum and when the pain goes away that means the pressure has lessened.  After the pain went away both times I noticed an odd taste in my mouth, so obviously it’s draining down the back of my throat(ick!).  There hasn’t been any pain in about 30 minutes, which is a good thing but I can’t believe everything is hunky dory.  As much as I don’t want to go to the walk-in(I’m a full time student, which means no money) I have to.  😐

…..Why me?


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