My Tremor Sense Failed

Posted: February 10, 2010 in DnD, Gaming, Life
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We had an earthquake up here in Northern Illinois, at roughly 4 in the am(central time).  I woke up about that time but I don’t remember feeling anything.  All I remember is waking up, rolling over to see what time it was, and then happily falling back asleep.  I have a tendency to wake up at random times anyway when I’m crashing at my parents’ house, so I really don’t know why I woke up.  But yeah, it was a 3.8 which isn’t much.  I get people around here moaning that it was big, but my family and I lived in the Orange County area(I believe that’s right) in ’94 so we were witness to a 6.7 earthquake.  It freaked me out as a child and I distinctively remember staying under the table for the better part of the day.  I mean, I even ate my breakfast under the table… was Cheerios, why I remember it I’m not sure.  So yeah, we had an earthquake but I didn’t feel it.

Gaming on Sunday was interesting.  We finally destroyed the Seige Beetle before it destroyed the city and possibly killing us in the process.  Xyrygosa had luckily gone in to rage so the little extra damage I was doing helped…….especially since we had a fuckin’ Ogre Mage healing the fucker.  D:<  We had done a crap ton of damage to the Beetle and Mr. Ogre Mage popped in(after I knocked him out and pushed him off) to heal his buggy friend.  I ended up chopping off his leg, arm, and, finally, his head which I punted promptly.  The city impailed the Beetle with a balista bolt which gave me, Renny’s character, and Gigs’ character time to kill it rather then send it back to it’s home plane.  So, we saved the city and got some nice armor out of the bug’s chitin before selling the rest of it for a nice piece of gold!

Sunday was also the last time Renny’s character Lex was going to be with us.  Lex was quiting the delving guild because, well, he had 40 kids to take care of(he runs an orphanage) and dying would be a bad thing.  Our group was sad and the city’s King, who had shown up to give us an offer, was shocked and very worried(something about a prophecy, from what Xyry heard).  So, we’ll be introduced to Renny’s new character Div in 2 Sundays and we’ll also have my Warlock to deal with.  Seriously, this was the first dungeon we went through with less 6 characers(one was an NPC) and we desperatly need at leat 6 to survive.  I was going to wait on introducing my Warlock but Renny was blustering, again, about Div.  Our characters are jumping from level 6 to 8 thanks to killing the bug and some other things, and Renny made a comment that Div was just that much more deadly.  That irked me and really irked Grendal, who told me to go ahead with introducting my cohort.  It’ll be interesting though… Warlock finds rogues and sneaky characters fascinating and, with my tendency to create this characters with unhealthy obsessions, my cohort will be intent on becoming the best of friends with Div.  Whether or not my Warlock follows suit with the character basis(meaning he doesn’t care for gender, he just wants some lovin’) is up in the air.  I’m thinking he’s going to be engaged but that wouldn’t stop him from indulging.  >:)  Maybe I’ll see how far I can push Renny’s character ability with this. fufufu!  So yes….Warlock will have an unhealthy obsession with Div.

It sucks, though, since this coming Sunday is Valentine’s Day we won’t be gaming.  I was excited about the new chracters being introduced, the big test we were going to have, and the fact that Xyry was going to have a secret meeting with the ‘bad guys.’  No one in the group knows about it, let alone that Xyry is becoming friends with an NPC ‘lovingly’ known as Mr. Perfect.  She felt bad for nearly ruining his reputation, with the help of her friends, and visited him while he was under house arrest.  I decided to roll a percentage dice to see the likely hood of Xyry falling for him and, well, my dice decided to be a bastard and gave me a 100%.  She does have a crush on him but she will deny it to the end, unless he does something first.  Bwahaha.  She and the Warlock are so different in that aspect: she’s still a virgin while he is a man whore, in a sense.

Dante’s Inferno and Bioshock 2 came out yesterday.  I completly spaced on it and while I love Bishock, I think I might just do a repeat.  Meaning I’ll wait, roughly, 6 months until I play Bioshock 2.  I have a horrible tendency to dislike games that get major hype(from the people around me, rather then media hype), even if I liked the previous one.  So, I’ll wait for it to calm down a little before tackling it.  My gaming buddies haven’t really said much about Dante’s Inferno so I think I might rent it over the weekend.  I know it’s nothing new when it comes to mechanics, but come on……a video game out of an epic poem, and one about hell, it has to be an interesting story! 🙂


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