The Other Kind

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Life
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I’ve mentioned my love of writing before and the fact that I’m in the process of writing a novel (9 chapters and 71 pages of a rough draft!).  It’s a fantasy novel and my current ‘baby.’  One thing I failed to mention is the other kind of writing that I do.  Fan fiction.  I know, I know….Fanfics are the bane of ‘real’ writers but I find it a nice little outlet for my frustrations when I get Writer’s Block and, well, a way to write other kinds of genre.

My fanfic days started out with Mortal Kombat and drifted over to Sailor Moon and then to Phantom of the Opera after a point(huge jump, I know).  I left it behind for years and would occasionally read some but nothing ever met my standards for readable items.  It’s been within this past year or two that I got back in to reading and writing fanfics.  More specifically Persona 4 fanfics!  Now since the internet provides nice anonymity I’ve gotten into a genre I wouldn’t normally write due to me being too embarrassed to let ANYONE read: smut.  Even now I’m feeling a little red in cheeks.  Grendal knows about my adventures into writing smut and, while he hasn’t read mine, he has read some nice ones and says that I should just embrace it.  It’s helping me flex my creative muscles.

I do have a rather long Persona 4 fanfic that has been put on hold and, while I won’t mention my name, can be read on, as well as another Persona 4 wip.  Both are M rated pieces and while the website doesn’t like that type of stuff on their site, it’s still there.  I also add little stories to the lovely fic meme, Bad Bad Bathhouse.  I love the other writers there and the fact that everything is anonymous; no embarrassment for the requester and the filler!  It also helps me realize that I’m not too bad at this smut business, lol!

So yes, years from now when I’m a famous author and someone asks me what I used to write…..I’ll say fanfics and smutty ones at that!


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