You Kneed My Boob

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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I know, I know….odd title but I uttered those very words on Valentine’s Day.

The day of love fell on our weekly gaming night so rather then call everything off for the day our group decided to get together for a movie night, sans Gigs since he was spending it with a friend who was leaving for basic training.  So it ended up being Grendal, myself, Renny, Val, and Drist.  Now, Renny was the odd one out since not only was he the 5th person but he isn’t in a relationship, though this wasn’t a lovey dovey thing for us.  No, we watched Fanboys and intended to watch Kiki’s Delivery Service but got sidetracked by a game called Fluxx.  The only way I can explain it is by using Drist’s explanation: it’s like Calvin Ball.  If you don’t know what Calvin Ball is, look up the comic Calvin and Hobbes, you’ll learn quick enough.

But yes, there were movies, card games, sweets, and a wee bit of drinking.  It was only a beer each(roughly) so it’s not like we got plastered.  Things did get a little weird when Renny decided to make some pervy comments at my expense and Grendal decided not to defend me.  He even went as far as saying Renny could have my heart(reffering to this odd inflatable heart shaped Valentine’s Day card) as long as he had my body.  Renny and Drist were the only ones to hear it(I found out the next day), so us girls were left in the dark, though I did try to get the information out of Renny but he was tight lipped.

Now, the title came from this.  Renny does something called boffer fighting….which is pretty much a bunch of people whacking each other with foam weapons.  I can’t call it fighting because, well, if you used actual battle skills with the weapons they would probably break.  No matter what, though, the people have fun and get a work out, so more power to them.  Anywho, Renny went to this big boffer thing the day before so he was pretty sore that night.  He does sheepishly admit that he is a masochist(he’s okay with saying that now that I’ve gone on about me being sadomasochistic to a small extent) which always entices me to tickle him, mainly because his sides usually hurt as well.  That night I was just wiggling my fingers above him and he was already spazzing out; the anticipation was killing him.  So I decided to get it over with and went to jab his sore sides.  His response was to curl in on himself.  That action caused him to knee my boob rather hard.  I proclaimed that, collapsed, and all of that incited giggles from our friends…..all while Grendal was trying to figure out his next move in Fluxx.

It was a great night in the end but I can’t wait to get back to our normal routine.  Until then, though, I’ll be weighing the option of playing AvP or Dragon Age. 😮


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