Under the Radar

Posted: February 23, 2010 in DnD, Gaming, Life
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A few things have happened since I last posted, though it’s nothing major it’s still been interesting.  My Friday gaming buddies and I finally obtained the Endure achievement for Halo ODST!  It was the last multiplayer achievement we needed and on Friday it was done on our first try, which made us very happy!  Grendal and I now have a 1k score for the game and that means we’re pretty much done with the game and we’re now waiting for the BETA for Reach.  Sadly this also means we don’t have anything else to play.  D:  We’re a picky group when it comes to multiplayer games and we’re also a little hesitant to jump back into Halo 3 after so long of not playing it.  More than likely we will play the game but I’m not too sure I want to right away.  I do wish that Alien v. Predator had a split screen multiplayer but it doesn’t, which means, in total, 3 more games would have to be purchased, two more TV, a new 360, and a new LIVE account.  😐  Seriously?  No way that’s going to happen, which means no AvP for our group unless Grendal and I are at home.

Sunday night gaming felt a little drawn out but that was to be expected.  Nicolai, my warlock, came in under the radar, which isn’t too bad(he’d like it) but I did make him an interesting character so it irks me that no one took notice of him.  Then again, we had an actual new character pop in, our Drow, which people were more interested in(no surprise).  Renny did a group job of making the character egotistical and have that ‘holier than thou’ attitude.  Now we get to see if he falls suit with the other ‘typical’ Drow traits…..like following the leader/the strongest person in the group.  Xyrygosa is the strongest hands down(no one would argue) but I’ve said she isn’t the leader and she probably wouldn’t like it either.  Still, male Drow wouldn’t be too spastic around a physically strong and emotional person(yay for that fire elf side).  I still have my doubts that Renny can play a Drow to it’s true/full potential.  He wants to OP and be bad ass more than create a complex character.  To each their own, I suppose.

Went to a slaughter house yesterday! 😀  It was for class and we got to see a cow be humanely slaughtered.  I swear that when the jugular vein was cut it was like someone turned a faucet on full blast.  The whole thing was pretty interesting and a nice learning experience.  Got to look at some internal organs and even a skinned cow head.  Some of the other girls freaked out because a few of the small muscles on the face were still twitching.  I found it nifty and was surprised that either they didn’t realize or know that there is still some slight muscle movement after death.  After that, though, the owner of the place gave us a sample of one their products: some Slim Jim type deal which was AMAZING!

I love my meat!


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