My Coffee Told Me So

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Gaming

Went to the video store yesterday to pick up Heavy Rain.  I was looking at the back of it, getting all excited, when Grendal says, “Hey, this looks like an alternative to Silent Hill.”  Well, after hearing those magic words I became interested.  Hanging on to Heavy Rain I took a look see at this other game, Deadly Premonition.  It seemed very much like a Silent Hill game and I decided to try it over Heavy Rain.  Why?  Deadly Premonition had a better box description, and it had a freaky looking ghost thing(that only the Japanese can do) on the back of the box.

So I rented the game and we went home.  I decided to wait until it go dark to play, as per usual when it comes to anything remotely scary.  In the meantime I decided to see what people were saying about the game since I had never heard about it.  Every review I saw was negative, and it was mainly harping on graphics, bad voice acting, and the fact that it seemed like a B movie.  A little voice inside of me worried if I made the wrong choice, so I checked out the forms at GameFAQS.  Oddly enough it was getting praise there!  The people were pretty much saying that you either get the game or you don’t.  Ignore the ‘bad’ graphics because it’s all about story!  This game is going to become a cult hit, much like God Hand, Time Shift, and Kuon.   Now all of that got me interested again.

Sure enough the graphics weren’t up to date when you compare it to things like Modern Warfare but it wasn’t god awful.  I’d say about PS2 worthy graphics when you looked at the trees but some of the graphics for the people weren’t bad!  The voice acting isn’t bad but it was a little better than B movie.  The one thing that cracks me up, though, is the music!  It’s great but they have this odd little goofy jig play in some of the weirdest spots!  I’m loving it so far, though it isn’t as fast paced as I’m used to.

I’m not too far into the game but it’s great so far and reminiscent of older survival horror games!


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