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Online Rants

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Life
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I’ve stayed away from the whole Shyamalan-Airbender racial thing because I find it rather annoying.  Everything seems to be about ‘race’ these days(don’t get me started on video games).  While I do understand the complaints about trying to stay true to the original material, it seems like things get way out of hand.  After reading some things on the I09 website I found one guy’s reply that I like.  There were some replies to this comment but it boiled down to the whole “he’s not hiring the right ethnicity, might as well strip the whole story of it’s Asian influences.” (more…)


It’s Okay, He’s a Leo

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Life
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I’m one of those people that pays attention to sun signs.  No, I don’t run to my daily paper and read the horoscopes to see what the day will bring but I have noticed some similarities when it comes to people’s ‘signs.’

One interesting thing is this: I rarely get along with Leos.  The only Leo that I don’t get frustrated with is my father.  I think we’ve found the right balance(hur, hur; I’m a Libra) that works.  The first person that I knew was a Leo was my first boyfriend.  The relationship wasn’t healthy and it didn’t end well.  Then there was a guy in school that we call/ed Baka.  He’s a Leo and for a while I was okay with him but after a point he just rubbed me the wrong way.  I couldn’t be around him for long unless I wanted to get snippy.  Then there was a girl named Rae; she and I constantly butted heads and we still have a very weak understanding of the other.

Then there’s Renny.  Besides my father, he was one of the Leos that I could be around and not have issues with.  That is until recently.  Irritations have slowly been growing and I couldn’t figure out the reason why.  It took Grendal pointing it out and making me think about it for it to make any sort of sense.  Grendal told me that Renny was growing in to his mane, he was maturing into a lion.  Baka did that away from us and I can handle him a lot easier, though there are still some rough moments.  Renny, though, we see about twice a week.

Seeing it from that perspective it makes sense, to me at least, that this could be a reason why I always get ruffled feathers around Renny.  I’ve gone through and brushed up on my Leo information and things have fallen in to place.  Honestly looking at like this I no longer feel too bad because it’s no-one’s fault, and I’m not one to blame the Fates in these situations.

I’ll be able to curb my anger and tell myself  “It’s okay, he’s a Leo” because it’s true.  Now I just need to get a handle of my Libran nature, 😉

Yesterday was fun, though a little disappointing at the same time.  I tried my hand at making something in Halo’s Forge for the first time.  It was kick ass and I made a game mode for it too.  We get together with Renny and Gigs to play and we hop into, what I deem, Goblin City…..and it’s fucked up.  The lights weren’t working and I was like “What the fuck?”  We messed around with some of things but come to find out, only one person can be on the screen to play it properly.  I was obviously upset but the guys made me feel better by saying it looked awesome and it sucked that we couldn’t play it.  Grendal told me later that Halo just couldn’t contain my awesomeness.  🙂  I love my Grendal!

So, after messing around with a wee bit of Halo3(Living Dead weekend, yo!) and then Perfect Dark, we decided to make dinner and watch a movie.  What movie, you say?  Well, the most awesome of childhood movies: The Dark Crystal!  Renny had never seen and Gigs owned a DVD copy, which is much better than Grendal’s VHS, and we watched it.  It put Gigs and I in the mood to watch Labyrinth, but we can’t watch it next week because we’ll be off watching Clash of Titans!  Freakin’ sweet!!!

I had to uninstall, reinstall, and delete some stuff from my Sims2 stuff to get it working properly.  There were issues of jumping/stuttering Sims and the fact that they couldn’t change their clothes.  Turns out that I had outdated and copys of some mods and after hours of fuckin’ around with the stuff, I fixed it.  Saddly, the sims I made of my friends and myself died. 😦  As well as some sweet looking shirts I made.  I’m currently rebuilding myself and those shirts, so I might have some updated shot of Smish me!

Renny finally tried out a little of Dragon Age, thanks to Gigs having his copy on him.  Renny liked it, though he was reluctant to admit it.  I told him that if his computer can handle it I’ll lend him my copy since all I need is the Awakening disc to run it.  I also promised to give him the mods that I use too….which will prove to be interesting.  I showed him how detailed the moders get, showing him the Natural Bodies All in One mod that modifies the bodies(dur) of the people in the game.  It gets rid of the hideous underwear and gives them a nice look.  Seriously, I would rather have them run around stark naked and boners out in the open then look at that hideous stuff. :p  The other one that might shock him is the Better Sex Scenes mod. OwO  Love it!  But yeah….my mods will make it that much more awesome, if his computer can handle it.

Oh! Girl Moment

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Life

I had a girl moment a few weeks back.  I’m part of the bridal party of a friend’s wedding, which is the first time I’ve ever done such a thing.  Well we had to go to the bridal shop to get measured and what not for our dresses.  The original outfit for the bridesmaids had been discontinued so we had to go with something else.  Unfortunately it was a spaghetti strap top….I have broad shoulders for a chick and with that type of strap it over emphasizes it.  No worries, I’ll just have my hair down for the ceremony so it won’t be so bad.

What was horrible was when we went in to try the outfits on.  I was there with the bride and another bridesmaid, and it was fun until I put the outfit on.  Apparently, with my measurements, I had to be not only taller but a bit more ‘hefty.’  I’m 5’2″-ish(depending on the day) and I’m not too surprised the dress was long but they had to hack off roughly 6 inches off the bottom. O^O  The top was something else.  I don’t mind talking about my measurements, though I don’t know exact numbers and what not.  I’m a 38C when it comes to a bra and I wear a size 12 for pants.  Back on topic!  The top made it seem like I had to be either heavier or, well, rounder in the stomach area.

I weigh around 160 and while I don’t have a ‘Hollywood’ body, I look pretty good.  The stupid BMI(crock-o-shit) says that I’m obese, though I am rather healthy.  I’ve done a total of 4-5 years worth of martial arts, did 2 years of softball, some kendo, I did a little over year’s worth of hula, and I enjoy my walks!  While I’m not AS active as I once was, I do keep an eye on myself.  I am, by no means, obese.  Yes, I could lose some weight and I’ve been trying but my body doesn’t want to go below 160 and I’m not going do anything extreme.  😐  I eat right and I’ve been staying active as much as the weather allows me, and it’s only NOW spring in Northern Illinois so walks will happen more.

But yes.  Stupid, stupid clothing.  I’m not 5’9″ and I don’t have a big stomach.  >:|  I hate clothing designers…..and Hollywood.

I love that title!  In it’s original language it would be more like 真・女神転生 or Shin Megami Tensei.  It’s a series of games put out by Atlus and then Atlus USA for us Americans.  I’m a fan of what Atlus has released, and have only recently found a game of theirs that I don’t like: Demon Souls….but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

The MegaTen series is something that I’ve been collecting for a few years now.  More so the recent works than the originals since they’re not only hard to find but pricey if you can find one in good condition and face it, I’m a poor college student.  😦  But yes!  I have a few of the games from the MegaTen universe and these games are ones that I viciously protect.  I’m usually more than happy to lend games out to friends but not these.  The few times another person has played the game I’ve been playing with them.  I know it sounds over protective but I love these games and, well, the two of us were playing the game together. lol.

The first game of the MegaTen series that I bought was Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. Now, my memory isn’t too good so I’m not sure the year I bought it but I think it was around it’s release year and I bought it used.  There were two reasons why I picked up the game:  the description on the back sounded awesome and, well, the cover art kicked ass!  I didn’t play the game, though; it just sat with the others.

A while later I picked up the first game of Digital Devil Saga.  I don’t know if I recognized the art style or not but I bought the game, again, because of the art and description.  This one, though, I began to play when I got home and I was amazed.  I went back and started playing Nocturne and I was floored by the story and the themes.  This was the type of game that I enjoyed.

I tracked down the second game for Digital Devil Saga the moment I found it and while I was purchasing it the cashier actually offered to buy that game and the first one from me…..I obviously declined.

After that I began to keep my eye out for any new releases.  I own both of the newer Devil Summoner games: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army and Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon.  I also have some of the Persona series.  Persona 3, Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, Persona(for the PSP), and I will be purchasing Persona 3 Portable.

So, the count of my MegaTen games comes out to 9.  I’m proud of it and would love to discus the games with fellow fans, but none of my friends really play them, save for Persona 3 and 4….but I would prefer talking about the others as well.

Some people have their Final Fantasy kicks, me?  I prefer my battles with demons and stories that run deep!

All Better….

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Life

Roughly about an hour after my previous post Renny sent me a text asking if everything was okay since things seemed a bit off when we left.  We had an okay discussion through texts about what went on and he apologized for making me feel like crap.  His explanation is that it wasn’t ‘ew’ at the thought of me, but more at the thought of Grendal.  Grendal and I have been together for nearly 6 years now and, well, you don’t see one with out the other.  In Renny’s mind we’re the same person, so if he did something to me he’d do it to Grendal.  So I left him with a, um, interesting image. XD  Made me feel a bit better after that explanation.

Renny still seemed a little off during gaming yesterday and Grendal said it was probably due to the fact that Renny may think I’m still upset with him.  Things are back to what they had been, so the boy is just paranoid I suppose.

Now, rather than switch gears completely in this post I think I’ll start another one.  :3  Horrible, I know, but going from boo hooing about Renny to happy things is odd in my head.  I MUST start something new.

On to the next post!

Say That Again?

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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Well, the two friends that were supposed to come in town never made it yesterday, which sucks but we didn’t let that cramp our style.  Renny and I did two rounds of ODST‘s Firefight mode because I was itching to do so.  He found out that the only reason why he’s able to do what he does is because he has 3 other people back him up and picking off baddies from swarming him.  With only 2 people in total you kind of have to change up your style.  Playing the two games kind of showed that I’m a hair better than he is but that is just pure luck on my part.  Either that or it was just my day.

We still went out for dinner but instead of going to Chili’s we went to a local Japanese restaurant and gorged ourselves on sushi and ramen or udon.  It was a nice meal and something that I had been craving for a while.

After dinner we went back to Renny’s for more game playing since our movie idea fell through.  We went into Halo 3’s Forge mode to dick around again, which was pretty fun!  I was doing pretty good against Renny and Gigs while Grendal was modifying the level to his liking.  At some point though….my mood changed drastically.  I don’t remember the conversation that brought about this incident but Gigs made some comment about Renny wanting to ‘do’ me(we all knew he was joking around) but it was Renny’s response that floored me….he said ew.

Now, I really could careless if Renny wanted to boink me or not but, seriously, you don’t say ‘ew’ in the person’s presence unless you want to hurt them.  He did try to back peddle because it was obvious that his response didn’t sound too good….but it seemed like no one really cared to see my response.  I can describe it like a slap to the face; I was sitting there, staring blankly at the TV with my mouth hanging open and not playing the game for a few seconds while the others ribbed him and kept doing what they were doing.

I have low self-esteem and somewhat of a bad image of myself, though things are getting better.  I was feeling pretty good about myself yesterday but that completely derailed me.  I felt small and ugly, and all I wanted to do was lock myself in a room for a while.  Worst of all…..Renny never apologized or asked if I was okay.   (._.)   He just asked if I had a good time when we were leaving.

Grendal did his best to make me feel better after we left and it worked, somewhat.  I can always rely on him to do and say things that makes the world brighter.  I’ve asked him to talk to Renny on Sunday since Renny will probably not listen to me and, well, I don’t want to cry in front of him.

We’ll see what happens.