I’m Back And I Bring the Plague

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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From left to right, starting on the couch: Renny, Grendal, Gigs, and me!

I’ve been sick ever since Sunday, thanks to Grendal.  He decided to pass on the lovely virus and I was the closest thing it wanted.  😐  So now I’m fending off a sinus infection and a fever, while debating whether or not to miss another class and a test.  D:  It’s so close to the end of the quarter that it’s not even funny.  Why did a winter cold have to strike me now?

Gaming on Friday was fun.  We strayed away from playing Halo and, at Renny’s suggestion, we played Left 4 Dead.  First off I’ve never been much of a zombie fan.  Yes I love zombie movies as much as the next person but, much like vampires, zombies are being over used.  I will say that L4D is a decent zombie game but I’m not too sure how this game has gotten so huge.  When it came out I didn’t have XBox LIVE so I wasn’t able to take on the multiplayer, which was fine because I’m not too keen on multiplayer modes with strangers.  I beat the game solo and enjoyed it, but I couldn’t see why people were going nuts.  After our hard-drive crashed, thus losing EVERYTHING we had done thus far, and having to get a LIVE account I decided to try the multiplayer.  Honestly, I wasn’t impressed.  It was kinda cool running around as zombies and fighting off ‘intelligent’ zombies but there wasn’t anything cool about it.  I still didn’t see the awesomeness that people claimed was there.  Left 4 Dead 2 is in the same boat.  The AI got both smarter and dumber; smarter because they were snipping zombies I didn’t hear/see with pistols, and dumber because they would all dive off the edge of a building if I was dangling there……rather than helping me.  WTF?  Another thing that bothered me was the lack of a good accent.  The southern accent in L4D2 was horrible and I was hoping for a nice New Orleans accent from Nick(he screamed it in my opinion) but no…..nothing.  Hell, starting out in Savannah GA, one would expect someone to have a nice accent!  I’ve been there……they talk nice! 😀

Anywho, Renny was acting off during the whole thing.  He was acting as if he was the only one out of the group to play the game and was giving us pointers and telling us what was coming next.  Then he decided to start using military lingo when he was scouting ahead(after telling us we had to stick together).  That type of stuff doesn’t sound right or natural coming out of Renny.  It might sound okay coming from Grendal and maybe myself(woo, military brat right here) but no….just no.  After a point Renny’s attitude switched and he started goofing around like he didn’t give a damn.  The one thing that annoyed me and something that Grendal noticed towards the end, was the fact that when we went into the safe houses and began to heal each other I was never healed or asked if I needed it.  Now it wasn’t because I was at full health, because most of the time I was down to at least half.  I don’t know why but Renny and Gigs made sure they were fine as well as Grendal.  I usually had to have Grendal heal me after making some snide comments….under my breath.  After a point Gigs did start healing me but Renny never did and I stopped helping Renny out.  I mean, come on!  The health bar of your teammates are on your screen, you can EASILY see if they’re hurting.  😐  During our last run in Blood Harvest, Renny was acting particularly off.  Not only was this, in his opinion, the hardest level but he was goofing off even more and he wasn’t asking for any healing help, even when he was in the red.  He did start healing everyone else, though.  I think he noticed what had been happening and decided to try and rectify it but it was the end of the level and what not.  I was pissy at the end, but I started Blood Harvest pissy any way…..we had our characters set up from the beginning and, surprise surprise, I was Zoey.  That time Renny decided to be Zoey, without asking me.  I do get easily possessive but if he would’ve asked I wouldn’t mind playing a different character.

I do need to mention that even though I bitch and rag on Renny, I love him to death.  Besides Grendal, Renny is my closest friend and guy friend.  I’m of the opinion that if there is a lack of arguments and ruffled feathers in relationships, something is seriously wrong.  I did have a friend who tried to make nice ALL the time, and that friendship ended badly….which was sad.  But yeah, Renny is a good guy!

On Facebook(yes, I have joined the denizens of hell) I’m friends with classmates from high school.  Mostly the girls since I never really made a good connection with a lot of guys….damn awkward high school.  Most of the girls have gone off and had kids and they’re barely making it through life.  It probably wasn’t what they would have expected but they seem happy.  One friend, though, has gone off and done exactly what he wanted and dreamnt of doing: movies.  He’s in California and has been making and staring in indie films.  In school he was an arrogant prick but I will never deny that he was a good actor.  When he was with the drama rats, myself included, he was pretty nice!  His films have been in festivals and he’s won awards.  Most of them don’t interest me(not my genre of film) but he’s putting out a horror movie that I would love to see, but there is no way I’m heading out to California.  I’m happy for him, but I’m also jealous.  I’ve been striving to write and get something published but it isn’t happening.  😐  No offense to the girls on FB but I don’t want to settle for what ever happens.  True, I haven’t finished a story and sent it out but within such a short amount of time this guy has accomplished what he wanted to do.

God damnit……I will see my name on the cover of a book.


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