Finally Up to Speed

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Gaming
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I’ve had a PS3 for a while now….under a year.  It’s more of a BluRay player that can play PS3 games, but it’s a nice addition to the house.  I’ve played a couple of games on it but own only one, which is the Katamari game that came out for it.  I love it to death.  I’ve looked at other games but most of the games I want are also on the XBox 360, so it goes to the XBox rather than the Playstation.  Now, it wasn’t until yesterday that Grendal and I both realized that we were kinda, well, idiots.  How dare we not realize that our PS3 had wireless capabilities.  O^O  So we scrambled around and set things up and now we’re on Playstation Home.  Since LIVE has a male avatar, Home had a female one(I demand balance).  Grendal and I were both happy that the avatars looked human, rather than cartoony.  We didn’t have much time to wander the world of Home, but the thing I noticed was that almost everything for your avatar had to be bought!  It was a shock to me since LIVE has both purchasable items and free ones.  Yest, Home has free stuff for your avatar but I have noticed any nifty free stuff yet.  I mean, with LIVE I’ve slowly received nice Halo items since my Halo career is pretty good!  With Home you go to the virtual mall to buy things.  I would like some neat clothes for my avatar but I’m not going to spend real money to dress up some virtual me.  If there are more free items for them, someone tell me.


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