Wait…You’re a Girl?

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Life

It’s not very often I let my ‘girly’ side out.  It comes out in random appearances of make-up, skirts, or the rare dress(I literally own only 2 dresses).  Then there are girl moments that I have in the emotion department, but for the most part I’m pretty gender neutral when it comes to stuff like that.

My girly side comes out most often when movies are involved.  I’ll make a comment about an actor or get all weepy.  The first movie that made me cry my eyes out, thus opening the door for others, was King Kong….I cried when died and I do every damn time.  With the actors it’s not comments but girly giggles and what not.  I also prefer the older actors like Gary Oldman (loved him Dracula) and Jeremy Irons; don’t know why but I love them both.

My girly movie has to be Phantom of the Opera.  Now, I’ve been a Phantom Phan for YEARS (well over 15) and I have so much stuff it’s not funny.  I have music boxes, posters, books (Susan Kay’s Phantom is the best in my opnion), tapes, CDs, etc.  I used to know every song by heart, down to the breaths the original cast would take, now it takes me a little bit to get back in to the swing of things.  I’ve seen the stage production ones and want to see it more.  But yes, I love the movie.  Purists would argue but I enjoyed it a lot.  I mean, Gerard Butler was a great Erik and seeing that he was the only one without prior singing ability I beleive he was the best voice (don’t get me started on Emmy Rossum’s Christine).

Yes, Phantom of the Opera is the girliest thing that I’m willing to admit that I love.  But when you look at it another way it makes sense: it’s a story about murders and kidnapping!  Erik is willing to murder for the one he loves…..and writes beautiful music!  I know I’ve harped on Edward from Twilight being an abusive boyfriend, but in literate it’s either go big or go home!


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