I Hate Elven Nazis

Posted: March 15, 2010 in DnD, Gaming, Life
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First, I think I should explain the title of this entry before I get some angry comments or something.  Last night was the first time in nearly a month my Sunday night D&D group got together.  Part of the night’s entertainment(in the game) was two characters following my character via a carriage.  We all thought of it as a carriage chase.  I made a comment about fruit carts showing up but our resident comedian made a Blues Brothers reference(the chase going in to a mall, guards showing up, etc).  The six of us were cracking up, humming the songs, and commenting about the scene with D&D references when, out of nowhere, Renny proclaims, “Man, I hate Elven Nazis.”  That sent all of rolling(doesn’t help that we’re in Illinois either).  It made for an eventful time.

But yes, last night’s gaming was interesting.  We got some new info on our current situation and have some major decisions to make….like who we’re going to work for.  I managed to convince the two iffy characters, Jake and Val, to agree to giving something to the person they despise(for shaky reasons) after some negotiating.  The problem is, is that if said despised person has the better option out of the two, will they work for them?  I have my doubts but Grendal, our lovely DM, just reminds me that a lot can change between then and now.  It also seems that Jake wants to see if we can save the world ourselves rather than relying on the two political characters.  Who knows.

Renny’s new character is falling into the same trend as his previous one.  I’m not too happy about that because this character had so much potential.  Grendal pointed out, to me any way, that Renny wants to play the anti-social tinker type person.  That would be fine but there are 4 other players and 5 characters(I play 2) and being anti-social isn’t going to do much.  Our characters are too entrenched in political ‘battles’ and the fate of the world, that we don’t really pay attention to small things like what Renny’s character is doing……and Renny’s character just wants money.  Yeah, not much depth there but there is still hope I suppose.

Friday’s video gaming was lack luster.  I’m not a fan of Gears of War after giving it a shot(no pun intended).  We switched over to Halo 3 after a point so Renny and Gigs could get some achievements and anger ensued after some miscommunication.  We were dicking around in Forge and as I come running up to Renny, shooting at him, he switches to monitor mode and goes zipping off.

ME: What the hell?

RENNY: I didn’t want to get stuck there.

ME: That was a dick thing to do.

RENNY: Hey, at least neither of us died.

ME: Yeah, that’s because you ran away.

He was in an area, that he set up, where there was one way in and out.  I didn’t know this when I came in shooting at him.  For all either of us knows, Renny could’ve taken me out.  A few minutes later Grendal makes a comment that we needed to delete something that Gigs made because it was causing lag.  This is said as I’m starting to shoot at Renny again…..and Renny switches to Monitor Mode and goes zipping off.

ME: What the fuck?  That’s bogus.

RENNY: What?

ME: Why’re you being a dick and running away like that?  That’s lame as hell.

RENNY: It was just a coincidence….Grendal said we needed to clean up, and I’m going to go help.

ME: Whatever.

I will admit that it could have been a coincidence, but it was shitty timing.  I put my controller down with a huff and decided it was time to start dinner, plus I felt awkward because everyone had grown pretty quiet.  After putting the water on to boil I rejoin the game since I’ve calmed down a bit.  During this time the game had gotten vocal again and people were getting into it.  The moment I picked up the controller Renny got quiet, but kept playing.  I run in to him and Gigs doing battle and decide that I’ll try and get a kill in too!  I jump into the middle, end up killing Renny, and then I got killed by Gigs.  I wasn’t gunning for Renny at all but he took it that way and quickly put himself in an area where he was hard to spot…..and stopped playing.  That only pissed me off more and put my controller down and left the house to calm down some more because I was close to kicking him in real life.

The issue was never cleared up, like always.  There has never been an argument or a disagreement between Renny and anyone, that I’ve noticed.  Grendal has suggested that maybe the reason behind his odd treatment towards me is the fact that Renny might have a crush on me.  I’m flattered by the idea, though I don’t think highly of myself to believe it.  Besides, as harsh as this might sound, I need a guy with balls.  Renny just rolls over and accepts what’s happening, even if he doesn’t like it.  Grendal, on the other hand, will let you know if he doesn’t like it and try and get things to a middle ground if he can’t swing things in his favor.   I just wish there would be a time when Renny and I have some raised hackles that he’ll want to talk it out, to smooth things over, or something.  I feel like a bitch when this happens and he’s too much of a pussy to do anything about it.

I have more balls than Renny does and it bothers me.  😐  I need some guy advice that doesn’t come from my guys. D:


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