Haven’t I Seen You Before?

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Gaming
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Dragon Age Origins Awakening came out yesterday, and it is in my hands too!  I installed the lovely game and went ahead and beat the original….finally.  I know it’s been out for a while but with school and life(and other games), it was hard for me to finish it.  I was relatively happy with the game and how it ended, and I can’t really figure out how it could’ve been better!  So after that I went ahead and started up Awakening.

I will admit that I haven’t gotten far.  I’ve just ran in to Oghren, so those playing the game can get a relative idea of where I’m at.  I stopped at that point because I was tired and annoyed with Demon Souls(don’t like the game too much, but I’ll give it another chance).  So yes, at this point you have a total of 3 people, including Oghren.  Your other companions are Mhairi, an ex-army chickie who wants to be a Grey Warden, and then you have Anders, a human male mage(who is an apostate).  Mhairi isn’t too bad and I’m hoping she gets better as time goes by but when I ran into Anders and interacted with him, I couldn’t help but do a body flail and stare at the screen: Anders is the middle ground of Zevran and Alistair……it’s as if the two had some man sex(I mean no offense) and one of them gave birth to Anders.  Others have seen the Alistair in Anders, like his humor and laid back attitude, but I’m not sure if they’ve noticed the Zevran…..and I may be wrong seeing that I’m barely in the game.  It bothers me slightly, but I am happy that there is a middle ground character now!  But, you can’t date him. :<


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