I Want More

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Gaming
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I’ve been chugging my way through Dragon Age Origin Awakening(hence force known as DA:OA because I’m not typing it all out) and I’m enjoying it ever so much.  I’m happy that Steve Blum has done a better job with his voices.  He does the voices for Oghren and Gorim, and knowing that voice from a hell of a lot of other things(like Cowboy Bebop), I was happy that he changed Oghren’s voice in Awakening.  Now when I listen to Oghren, I hear nothing of Gorim!

Yeah…that’s my character right there!  >w<  My mage, Mahina.

I’m finding myself both liking and disliking Anders.  I like him because he’s that middle ground of Alistair and Zevran but I dislike him because he’s too much like Alistair.  It’s like the creators were worried that the female fans would be in an uproar that Alistair was gone, so they had to come up with the next best thing.  😐  Want to know what would make little ol’ me happy?  The opportunity to have my character talk with the characters in this expansion as well as having some romance.   Seriously….I want my chickie to get all happy in the sack with Anders or Nathaniel.  Though she’d probably go for Anders, while I’m leaning more towards Nathaniel(yes, I keep myself and my characters separated).  I have both guys pretty much at 100 for their liking me and I’m sitting there like “There has to be more.”  Nope…no, luck.  I want my loving!

More than likely I’m gonna reply DA:O to get my male character started and finished, then ship him into DA:OA so he’s all buffed up.  Gonna have him be a Dalish and chase Zevran so I can see how my Better Sex Scene mod works.  Yeah, have yet to get around to that and I doubt Grendal would want his male character to get it on with a guy.  Me?  My characters are all ‘free love’ when it comes to that.

Tomorrow is Halo day, since we can’t figure out what else to play….which is fine by me.  We’re hoping that two friends from the Wisconsin area can make it down to say hi, which will make for an interesting day.


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