All Better….

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Life

Roughly about an hour after my previous post Renny sent me a text asking if everything was okay since things seemed a bit off when we left.  We had an okay discussion through texts about what went on and he apologized for making me feel like crap.  His explanation is that it wasn’t ‘ew’ at the thought of me, but more at the thought of Grendal.  Grendal and I have been together for nearly 6 years now and, well, you don’t see one with out the other.  In Renny’s mind we’re the same person, so if he did something to me he’d do it to Grendal.  So I left him with a, um, interesting image. XD  Made me feel a bit better after that explanation.

Renny still seemed a little off during gaming yesterday and Grendal said it was probably due to the fact that Renny may think I’m still upset with him.  Things are back to what they had been, so the boy is just paranoid I suppose.

Now, rather than switch gears completely in this post I think I’ll start another one.  :3  Horrible, I know, but going from boo hooing about Renny to happy things is odd in my head.  I MUST start something new.

On to the next post!


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