Oh! Girl Moment

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Life

I had a girl moment a few weeks back.  I’m part of the bridal party of a friend’s wedding, which is the first time I’ve ever done such a thing.  Well we had to go to the bridal shop to get measured and what not for our dresses.  The original outfit for the bridesmaids had been discontinued so we had to go with something else.  Unfortunately it was a spaghetti strap top….I have broad shoulders for a chick and with that type of strap it over emphasizes it.  No worries, I’ll just have my hair down for the ceremony so it won’t be so bad.

What was horrible was when we went in to try the outfits on.  I was there with the bride and another bridesmaid, and it was fun until I put the outfit on.  Apparently, with my measurements, I had to be not only taller but a bit more ‘hefty.’  I’m 5’2″-ish(depending on the day) and I’m not too surprised the dress was long but they had to hack off roughly 6 inches off the bottom. O^O  The top was something else.  I don’t mind talking about my measurements, though I don’t know exact numbers and what not.  I’m a 38C when it comes to a bra and I wear a size 12 for pants.  Back on topic!  The top made it seem like I had to be either heavier or, well, rounder in the stomach area.

I weigh around 160 and while I don’t have a ‘Hollywood’ body, I look pretty good.  The stupid BMI(crock-o-shit) says that I’m obese, though I am rather healthy.  I’ve done a total of 4-5 years worth of martial arts, did 2 years of softball, some kendo, I did a little over year’s worth of hula, and I enjoy my walks!  While I’m not AS active as I once was, I do keep an eye on myself.  I am, by no means, obese.  Yes, I could lose some weight and I’ve been trying but my body doesn’t want to go below 160 and I’m not going do anything extreme.  😐  I eat right and I’ve been staying active as much as the weather allows me, and it’s only NOW spring in Northern Illinois so walks will happen more.

But yes.  Stupid, stupid clothing.  I’m not 5’9″ and I don’t have a big stomach.  >:|  I hate clothing designers…..and Hollywood.


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