The Dork That I Am

Posted: March 27, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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Yesterday was fun, though a little disappointing at the same time.  I tried my hand at making something in Halo’s Forge for the first time.  It was kick ass and I made a game mode for it too.  We get together with Renny and Gigs to play and we hop into, what I deem, Goblin City…..and it’s fucked up.  The lights weren’t working and I was like “What the fuck?”  We messed around with some of things but come to find out, only one person can be on the screen to play it properly.  I was obviously upset but the guys made me feel better by saying it looked awesome and it sucked that we couldn’t play it.  Grendal told me later that Halo just couldn’t contain my awesomeness.  🙂  I love my Grendal!

So, after messing around with a wee bit of Halo3(Living Dead weekend, yo!) and then Perfect Dark, we decided to make dinner and watch a movie.  What movie, you say?  Well, the most awesome of childhood movies: The Dark Crystal!  Renny had never seen and Gigs owned a DVD copy, which is much better than Grendal’s VHS, and we watched it.  It put Gigs and I in the mood to watch Labyrinth, but we can’t watch it next week because we’ll be off watching Clash of Titans!  Freakin’ sweet!!!

I had to uninstall, reinstall, and delete some stuff from my Sims2 stuff to get it working properly.  There were issues of jumping/stuttering Sims and the fact that they couldn’t change their clothes.  Turns out that I had outdated and copys of some mods and after hours of fuckin’ around with the stuff, I fixed it.  Saddly, the sims I made of my friends and myself died. 😦  As well as some sweet looking shirts I made.  I’m currently rebuilding myself and those shirts, so I might have some updated shot of Smish me!

Renny finally tried out a little of Dragon Age, thanks to Gigs having his copy on him.  Renny liked it, though he was reluctant to admit it.  I told him that if his computer can handle it I’ll lend him my copy since all I need is the Awakening disc to run it.  I also promised to give him the mods that I use too….which will prove to be interesting.  I showed him how detailed the moders get, showing him the Natural Bodies All in One mod that modifies the bodies(dur) of the people in the game.  It gets rid of the hideous underwear and gives them a nice look.  Seriously, I would rather have them run around stark naked and boners out in the open then look at that hideous stuff. :p  The other one that might shock him is the Better Sex Scenes mod. OwO  Love it!  But yeah….my mods will make it that much more awesome, if his computer can handle it.


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