It’s Okay, He’s a Leo

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Life
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I’m one of those people that pays attention to sun signs.  No, I don’t run to my daily paper and read the horoscopes to see what the day will bring but I have noticed some similarities when it comes to people’s ‘signs.’

One interesting thing is this: I rarely get along with Leos.  The only Leo that I don’t get frustrated with is my father.  I think we’ve found the right balance(hur, hur; I’m a Libra) that works.  The first person that I knew was a Leo was my first boyfriend.  The relationship wasn’t healthy and it didn’t end well.  Then there was a guy in school that we call/ed Baka.  He’s a Leo and for a while I was okay with him but after a point he just rubbed me the wrong way.  I couldn’t be around him for long unless I wanted to get snippy.  Then there was a girl named Rae; she and I constantly butted heads and we still have a very weak understanding of the other.

Then there’s Renny.  Besides my father, he was one of the Leos that I could be around and not have issues with.  That is until recently.  Irritations have slowly been growing and I couldn’t figure out the reason why.  It took Grendal pointing it out and making me think about it for it to make any sort of sense.  Grendal told me that Renny was growing in to his mane, he was maturing into a lion.  Baka did that away from us and I can handle him a lot easier, though there are still some rough moments.  Renny, though, we see about twice a week.

Seeing it from that perspective it makes sense, to me at least, that this could be a reason why I always get ruffled feathers around Renny.  I’ve gone through and brushed up on my Leo information and things have fallen in to place.  Honestly looking at like this I no longer feel too bad because it’s no-one’s fault, and I’m not one to blame the Fates in these situations.

I’ll be able to curb my anger and tell myself  “It’s okay, he’s a Leo” because it’s true.  Now I just need to get a handle of my Libran nature, 😉


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