It’s Been Fun…

Posted: April 26, 2010 in DnD
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Last night our gaming campaign ended.  Out of 6 character only 2 made it out of the dungeon we were in.  We all had a feeling that this wasn’t going to end well after the previous session: Xyrygosa was in a freny, Div was bloodied, Risto was okay but he’s our mage, Jake was healing Val, and Nic was blind!  I ended up trying to kill my friends but I was knocked out and then we were ready to barge through another door.  When we opened that one Risto was killed in one hit and Xyry was knocked down to 0 hp(from 30) so she went from raging to another frenzy.

This is where it gets bad.  Nic had managed to cast Detect magic on himself, giving him the ability to see a la Daredevil.  What he sees is Jake(our bard) cast a spell on Xyry after Val closes the previously opened door.  Xyry swings at Jake and Div shoots her in the hand with an arrow, knocking her to -8 hp but sine she had the diehard feet she was a ok.  Well, Nic doesn’t know that Xyry is a frenzied berserker, let alone the fact that the others have seen this.  He freaks out, takes a step back and blasts Div, killing him in one blow.  So that’s 2 people dead.

We start freaking out and decide to get the hell out of the dungeon.  Xyry is healed to about 30 again and the group picks up the two bodies( 1 1/2 technically) and we make a break for it.  Well the baddies had amassed and were starting to take us down.  Here is the short version: Xyry was engulfed in fire, Nic was shot through the throat, and Val had been knocked out twice but survived thanks to Jake.  The two hopped onto the cart we brought and hurried back to town.  Upon arrival they went to the city’s high council and asked if the group could be resurrected, save for Nic since no one knew he was there. XD

In the end we were all together again.  Rather than going back to delving we became teachers for the Delver’s Guild.  Jake and Val got married, as did Xyrygosa.  What made me giddy like a school girl was the fact that it was a minor character that had proposed.  He had been a thorn in the group’s side for a while but Xyry felt bad that the group had nearly ruined the guy’s life.  They had spent some time together, chatting it up and went on one date, though she didn’t have too much a good time.  I had been iffy when he proposed, but the character revealed something that was a huge secret: he was a gem person, something the group had been seeking.  Oddly enough with Xyry being half dwarf and this guy being a personification of stone, it was a match made in heaven.

I like to think they were perfect for each other and had some awesome kids. >w<  But that’s the girl in me talking.


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