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Well, finals start tomorrow so the third part of the Ancient Trifles prequel will wait until at least Wednesday night.  I’m happy people are liking it and, well, I love writing it. 😀  Can’t say much else…..gotta get to studying.


[Well now!  Not only is there a second part, there will be a third and possibly another.  This is taking on a life of its own, lol]

Lachesis felt a chill run through her body; something was wrong. She glanced at her sisters as they moved about the room but either they hadn’t felt the shift or they didn’t care. The chill ran down her spine once more and this time she noticed her sisters quiver just as she did. Both stopped their chores and turned to look at Lachesis.

“You felt it?” Lachesis asked.  Clotho bit her lower lip and nodded, glancing at the eldest who nodded in kind.  “What could this mean?”

Atropos took in a slow breath before leaning her broom against the wall.  “We need to check on the tapestry.”

The younger two sisters didn’t say a word as they followed Atropos down the windowless hall.  The temperature was dropping the closer they got the atrium, though none of them would have noticed the change if it wasn’t for the clouds that escaped them as they breathed.  Atropos pushed the double doors open with ease but stopped in the doorway, her eyes wide as she stared at the grand tapestry.  Her sister mimicked her alarmed expression.  To the untrained eye the tapestry looked like a rainbow of interwoven strings but to the sisters they saw the history of the current world, and something had been changed.

“No, no, no!” Lachesis cried, rushing towards the tapestry.  She spotted the offending string and knew how it had originally been laid out, yet here it was on a different path.  Lachesis followed the string with her fingers, reading it like only she and her sister could, and bemoaned what she saw.

Clotho rushed to her sister’s side, taking hold of Lachesis and pulling her away from the tapestry.  “What’s happened?”

“Someone has tampered with a man’s fate,” Lachesis replied.  “So many things have shifted but it is not our doing.”

Atropos joined her siblings and stared at the tapestry.  “Who’s handy work is this?”

“One of our own.”  Clotho looked through the atrium’s ceiling and stared at the endless night above them.  “No human and none of the gods of their worship have the power, nor courage, to enter our home let alone to tamper with the Fabric.”

Rage slowly took over Atropos’ calm demeanor as she stared at the tapestry.  “Eris,” she hissed.

“No!” Lachesis spat.  “Even she-”

“You know she would,” Atropos snorted.  “She listens to no-one’s rule but her own, unless it suits her fancy.”

Clotho’s mouth settled into a solemn line, “What can we do?  Unweaving is forbidden, even to us.”

Atropos took Lachesis’ face into her hands and the sisters looked each other in the eye.  “Can you rewrite their fates, sister?”

“I must read them all to see what misfortune will befall us all,” Lachesis replied, “but it is possible.”

“Please do so while your sister and I speak with mother.”

As Deep as a Puddle

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I’ve always enjoyed meaningful conversations.  I love conversations where the participants can talk about politics, religion, sex, what have you and still be friends in the end, even if things got heated.  Sadly I haven’t had many of these types of conversations in recent years.  I had a lot of them during high school and early college when I was still finding myself and I had a group of friends that enjoyed debating with people who saw things differently.  There were times when I sought these conversations out online, just to get ‘my fill.’ (more…)

I will admit that when I first heard about Alan Wake and saw him, I wasn’t too impressed and was planning on leaving the game alone.  At some point I read a comment about the game seeming like it was inspired by Silent Hill.  Being a fan of that series I took interest and, honestly, I decided right then and there that I wanted to play it.  My decision to buy the game came a little later when I heard that it’s a horror style game inspired by some work by Stephen King and the show Twin Peaks.  This game sounded like it was right up my ally and I didn’t even know the story behind it just yet. (more…)

I don’t post many pictures, of anything, and sometimes it’s hard for me to get my descriptions across when it comes to my D&D characters.  Even though she’s no longer a playable character, this is what Xyrygosa was supposed to look like(in a way):

This was a head mod that I had created for female dwarves, and I have a few for the menfolk as well.  It was mainly due to the fact the the DA:O dwarves looked a little funky and the women weren’t as cute as they could be.  Me being the creator I decided to add in the base of Xyry’s face! 😀  My only complaint was that here skin wasn’t as olive toned as it was supposed to be.  I got her hair and eyes down rather well with some other mods, and the base tattoos worked rather well for the ones she had.  I have her wielding a hammer in the game, which fits what she ran around with in the campaign.  I can’t wait to get to the point where I can make her a berserker. lol!  The sad thing is that I’m not sure who she’d go after: Alistair or Zevran.  😐  Though I could be a dork and wait until the Loghain romance mod is released…*snrk* riiight…..the bastard.

I love online comics and the more random they are, the better!  I cam across ‘Hark, a vagrant’ not too long ago and found it to be great.  While trolling through the archives I found one called ‘The Scottish Play,’ which was obviously about Macbeth which just happens to be my favorite Shakespeare play.  Needless to say I giggled.  That image above is just part of it. Crazy.

Roar, Roar I say

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Its sad because it’s true.  😦  Though I don’t think I’m a douche-bag gamer.

5- I’m a chick in a committed relationship and I’m not antisocial

4- I’m 26 this year…..and like I said, I’m  not a douche-bag

3- I can’t disagree with their 3rd reason, but the campiness can be fun and, well, the same ol’ stuff sells.  Left 4 Dead isn’t mind blowing when it comes to story: Survive the zombie attack.  How many movies offer that as a story?

2- Very few can get past the initial ‘Oh, shiny’ stage but those who can are able to see more of the game.  I’ve found out I can do that if I steer clear of a lot of the hype for games.  I ignored the Alan Wake hype and I loved it.  On the other side I listened to the Bioshock 2 hype and, well, that fell short in my book.

1- This is where the nut jobs come out of the woodwork.  😐  The articles link to the GameFly commercial sums it up rather well.  While I do scream at my TV while playing games, it’s because the CPU likes to cheat at fighting games.

All in all, I do notice a difference in how I’m treated once I mention I’m a gamer but I could care less.  The people I love and hang out with are gamers right along with me.