Playing the Manly Man

Posted: May 2, 2010 in DnD

I’m getting too hyped up about Grendal’s campaign and there is no guarantee that his story will be the one we’re playing.  I’ve been given the okay to play Pathfinder’s new Cavalier class in the game, which has already gotten my brain goin’ a mile a minute trying to figure out things to do.  Grendal has convinced me, though, that rather than taking a horse for his mount my guy will have a war pig. 😐  It’s odd but he’s explained that the military/knights/whatever they are rode war pigs into battle so it makes sense.

I’ve fleshed him out a little more.  I have an image of what he’s going to look like and still the roughest of ideas of his back story.  My big thing is always figuring out a name for the character.  This name has to reflect the character in just the right way, which means I have to look up meanings to make sure they fit.  For some reason I’ve zeroed in on Russian names for this guy.  I’ve found a few nice ones:

Alexei: Defender

Alexis: Defender of the people (this is the last name on my list, mainly because it’s a little too feminine though it is unisex)

Micha: Who is like the lord

Mikhail: Who is like God

Ruslan: Lion-like.

Right now that top two would have to be Mikhail and Ruslan.  Ruslan’s meaning seems rather nice but I’ve always been fond of the name Mikhail.   >w<   Last names usually don’t come into play all that much but I think I should figure something out just in case.  That and I need a name for the wife and his daughter.  Hrm…..I suppose more Russian names would be could to keep up consistency!

That’s it for now because there is food and this Chibi is a hungry one!


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