Goin’ Live

Posted: May 3, 2010 in DnD, Gaming
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Today is a busy day for lil’ ol’ me! In a few hours I will be gaming my little heart out during the Halo: Reach Beta and I have to plan 2, yes 2, campaigns for my Sunday night gaming group.  We did a vote last night to see who’s idea people wanted to go with and my Roman/Norse game and we’re doing my ‘Save the Princess’ idea as a short thing before the big one.  This game will end up being a long one, since my first game lased for roughly a year.  😮  I’ll be giving out info about the game as it really fleshes out and more than likely I’ll be giving some ‘play by plays’ of the Save the Princess game.

I will return with Reach Beta info. 😀


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