Chuggin’ Away

Posted: May 5, 2010 in DnD
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I think I’m on a roll right now.  I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of what I’m doing for the ‘Save the Princess’ style game I have yet to start, and a bit of a better idea for my gods game!  Might as well get this info out of my head before I either lose it or it takes up too much space for it’s own damn good.

Game title: Lost Love

Game style: d20, Save the princess

Length: variable. Could last two sessions(roughly 8 hours) or five sessions(roughly 20 hours) depending on what the group does

Rough explanation (ie what I tell the group):  Lord Elmhurst, one of the richer men of your village(pop. 401-900), has requested your help.  His daughter has gone missing and you are the best the village has in this time of need.  You must find out if his daughter has runaway or been kidnapped, and if she is still alive.  Payment will be given on your return, and you must have some form of proof to support your findings.

The WHOLE story (ie what the group will find out in the end, whether in game or after game explanations):  Lord Elmhurst’s daughter, Natasha, has been kindapped.  She was stolen late at night by a man, with some elven name[don’t know it yet](class: Hidden Pupil), and taken away to what appears to be an abandonded house in a neighboring forest.  The reason behind the kidnapping is revenge.

Aldan (the man with the plan!) had been scorned by the Elmhurst family 100 years prior.  He had been courting a woman that Lucas Elmhurst (Natasha’s great grandfather) had also been smitten with.  To get what he wanted Lucas decided to tap into a hated branch of his family, which is filled with Necromancers and the general ‘evil doer.’  On agreement of reconciliation with the main branch of the family, the Necromancers seized Aldan in his own home and began the Ritual of Crucimigration against his will.  After a 24 hour period Aldan was undead and left to his own devices.  Aldan didn’t return to the village in fear of the people finding out what he was, and refused to answer the door and going as far as hiding in his own home when people entered in an attempt to find him.  Two weeks after his transformaiton the woman Aldan loved was to be married to Lucas.  He boarded up the windows and doors one night to keep the world out, which it did effectivly.

Over the next 100 years Aldan began to hatch a plan for revenge.  During this time undead seemed to flock to him home, giving him some semblance of protection to any wandering adventurer.  The undead listen to him because of what he is, but Aldan didn’t call to them.  Aldan finds was to preserve his body from decomposing, keeping his appearance somewhat life like as the years pass.  One day the elf arrives with a personal mission to rid the home of undead.  When he stumbles upon Aldan and learns of what he is, the elf wishes to become the same.  Aldan agrees on one condition: kidnapp the eldest Elmhurst daughter.

Unfortunately Aldan didn’t expect the girl to have some of his lost love’s features and soon finds himself going back on his plan to kill.  Instead he wishes to stay with her until her own natural death and then he will destroy himself.

[Okay, that’s the basic run down.  I could go into the other details but class is gonna be starting in ten minutes and I can’t miss that. 😀  Hope you people like how this souns, keeping in mind that I may still tweak things for my players.  This’ll be fun.]


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