We Are Interupting This Program…

Posted: May 11, 2010 in DnD, Life
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with life.  Yeah, life is a pain in the butt and school is being much more than that.  My grades have been on a slow decline and I’ve been noticing the signs of boredom poking it’s evil head out from behind it’s wall.  I’m starting to doodle in my notes, which is a bad thing.  I brought this up to Grendal, along with my lack luster grades, and he made an observation: I was burning out.  Thinking about it, it should have been obvious.  At the other college I had gone to the year was separated into semesters with a decent break for winter and having the choice of the summer off.  Well, the business college I’m attending does quarters with roughly a week or so in-between each quarter(more for winter and a two week break in fall, I think).  I haven’t taken a quarter off and I’ve been going here for about a year.  My stress level has been on the rise which is giving back issues during the week, I’m starting to worry about my own sanity, and my attempt at writing a novel has taken a hit because my creative juices have been dammed due to needing to retain info about the insides of cats and dogs(though it doesn’t seem like that’s going too well right now).  So I’ve decided to take the summer off to recuperate and bask, like a cat, in the nice summer weather.  Now all I have to do is inform my mother and tell her that I’ll be going back and this is for my own good; either I take a break or I end up failing out of the college. 😐

On the lighter side of things I’ve made a little bit of head way on both of my campaigns!  Lost Love is coming along splendidly and will be starting this Sunday! 🙂  Despite the school issues I’m continuing with this because it will give my brain a time to relax.  I’ve gotten a little more info on how the story is rolling out with that but I need to sit down and write out the info the monsters as well as the big bad guys….and my manly man!  It sucks that I can’t play him but he has the potential of being introduced as an NPC if the players find him.  I’ve gone with the name Ruslan and he is still going to be a Cavalier, and have one arm.  The one armed part was there from the beginning, to make him interesting and to add him to the list of characters with physical impairments.  I mean, I had a one eyes half-sea elf, might as well have a one armed human.

I’ve gotten the name for the other campaign: Ancient Trifles.  This came from the same list of titles I had for my story that inspired the whole thing.  For the book I was stuck between Insanity on High and Voices Lost in the Dark.  I’ve also gotten a little bit of the starting point of that game as well.  Originally there was going to be a common ‘doomsday’ between the Norse and Greek deities but I decided to stick with their respective ‘ends’ and try to tie them together.  With the Norse they have Ragnarok and with the Greek gods there was the repeating theme of the son overthrowing the father (Zeus v. Cronus; Zeus v. unnamed son).  I know Loki is the one behind Baldr’s death, though I want to see if I can tie someone to him to connect Ragnarok to the Greeks….or something.  Hrm, maybe Loki is connecting with an oracle who happens to be Zeus’s son.  I dunno, I’ll come up with something.

I also need to come up with the two deities who will not stand for the end of their kind.  I know I have Frigg from the Norse pantheon but I’m not too sure who I’ll get from the Greek.  All I know is that I want to introduce Eris, for some fun.  She probably won’t show up in full form but I may throw in her golden apple!  One thing I could fall back on is Nyx, the primordial goddess of night.  Having her pop up can tie in with another part of the story thanks to her similarity with Ratri from the Indian Vetas.  Then again I’m just partial to the primordial deities of Greek mythology.  I’ve thought about using Hecate but then part of me wishes to be equal in my representations of the deities and I think I should have a Greek God rather than Goddess be the one to stand apart.  Perhaps I’ll go with Hypnos or Hermes.  I just want a God that not many of my players will pay attention to.

Alrighty, I need sleep.  I swear that I’ll post some GOOD info about Ancient Trifles before class tomorrow.


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