The Big Day

Posted: May 15, 2010 in DnD, Life
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Well, there have been some minor changes to gaming tomorrow.  Grendal will actually be my co-DM.  We’ve decided to do this as a way of him easing back into the player’s mindset and allowing me to ease back in to being a DM.  It’s been roughly a year and half since I’ve run a campaign and this little one should get me in the mood for the big one to follow.  🙂

I’ve also taken next quarter off to recoup, which is much needed.  I was surprised that my mother didn’t see a problem with that and just says that I need to take it easy.  Made me a happy person.

Can’t think of much else to write.  I’m gonna play some Fallout 3 and might be back on with a little ‘prologue’ of sorts for the game.  It’s more for me to hash out the happenings before the game than anything else.


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