Damn You Reality

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Life
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I’m a big animal person.  Hell, I’m getting into the veterinary field, that’s how much I love those critters.  Just got some news about Grendal’s husky, Lucky.  Turns out he has a growth on his leg about the size of an avocado (according to Grendal).  Lucky is apparently having problems walking, lying down normally, and when he does walk around he’s crying.  It was apparently a sudden thing, though Grendal had noticed the growth before but it had been smaller.  He asked me what it could be.  My first question was if it was hard or soft; it was softish, but he couldn’t be sure since he didn’t want to put too much pressure one it.

Grendal wanted to know if a cancer mass could be soft.  I told him I didn’t know and did a quick search, which told me that it could be either hard or soft.  All I could tell him was that the best case scenario was the mass being just a fluid buildup.  I have this horrible feeling that it could be cancerous, which is a bad thing.  Grendal and his family don’t have the money to do treatment or surgery, at least not to a ‘healthy’ degree.  This pains me to even think about it, but it might come down to the simple question: would it be kinder to put him down?  That is going to be the hard question for everyone.  Grendal would understand the possible need to do so but Lucky has been his friend for years.  Then there is his mother; she’s pretty attached to the dog and I could see her trying to vie for Lucky to continue living….but I don’t know.

Hopefully the vet visit tomorrow ends on a happy note rather then a bad one. 😦  I’ve known the dog for 6 years, and I love huskies thanks to him.


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