How It Started

Posted: May 18, 2010 in DnD
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I know I’ve mentioned Grendal, Renny, and Gigs before but I’m unsure on whether or not I’ve mention the other players for our Sunday night game.  We have Dame Gris (who played Val in the last game), Cantropos (who played Jake in the last game, and is Dame Gris’ boyfriend), and then we have Ry.  Ry is our newest addition to the group, raising our girl count to 3, and is a roommate of Gigs’.  And I’m sorry this took so long to get up….with me being tired the day after and school just kicking my butt, it took some time.

Anywho, the game started out pretty simple last night.  I have yet to get character names down so, for now, I will refer to them with their ‘personal’ names.  It was your stereotypical start to a stereotypical story: the richest person in town has called the top adventurers to his home for some unknown reason.  Cantropos was the only one who wasn’t living in the village but his reputation was well known.  Basically he is the equivalent of a WWE character; he’s very campy, a heel, and goes from town to town with his troop of fighters/actors as a job.  Underneath it all, he is a good warrior and a serious person once he puts aside his persona.

The group is called together in Lord Elmhurst’s library and they see each other for the first time(not really, but they needed to give a description).  So, this time around we have Cantropos as a male half-orc fighter, Dame Gris as a female halfling rogue/bard, Gigs as a male gnelf(half gnome, half elf) mage, Ry as a female ranger(didn’t get a race since she wasn’t present at the time), Renny as a male human cleric, and then Grendal as a male half half-elf and half half-orc punk(a paladin monk).  It was an interesting group, considering that three of them have animals (Gigs has a humming bird, Ry has a large snake she can ride, and Grendal has a war pig).

Once Lord Elmhurst arrived they were given the news: his daughter has been kidnapped and he needs their(they players’) help in finding her.  The group spreads out to find out some clues.  Actually it appeared that it was more Cantropos and Dame Gris at first.  Renny went off to do his doctorly type duties, Ry wandered around the property, and Gigs remained near Grendal while he berated Lord Elmhurst for not reporting the disappearance sooner.  After the verbal abuse Grendal did leave to ask his usual group of people, which was pretty much the town gossips, and Gigs waited near the gate for the others to be finished.

Cantropos and Dame Gris questioned a few of the servants and found out that not only did a stranger enter the home but the stranger was seen going to Natasha’s(the daughter) bedroom, and that the stranger wore not only fancy boots but a glitzy looking cloak.  The two investigated that room, finding dirt around the bed before noticing the window was unlocked.  Upon looking out the window they see a pile of dirt on the ground high enough to provide a safe drop….and muddy footprints walking up the wall!  The two get the mage and the ranger and, after some speculating, figured that there was actually two people in the kidnapping!  One went through the house and the other went up the wall.  The ranger followed the footprints to the street where they seemed to be heading south, though she lost them in the mix of other prints.

While all of this was going on Grendal found the wife of a farmer who had some information that proved valuable: the fact that the abandoned house in the woods doesn’t seem so abandoned.  The group gets back together, with Renny being the last and announcing that word has spread about the disappearance of the Elmhurst girl.  Grendal feigns ignorance about letting it slip and the group decides to do some investigating about town.

Cantropos questions a few bums about the night of the kidnapping and finds out that a bum had noticed a couple walking towards the south.  The two were sharing a cloak and the bum just assumed that the girl was drunk or they were heading off to have some ‘alone time.’  Grendal questions a few of his friends amongst the guards and gets a similar story.  Before heading into the forest they decide to check the town records (something I truly didn’t expect or think about) to see if there was anything on the property.  After a bit of searching they find the family name of the previous owner and the fact that, roughly 100 years prior, the family just seemed to up and leave, or disappear in general.  The deed to the home is missing or with the remaining family.

The session ended with the group getting to the edge of the forest.  I’m a bit antsy about what’s to come and, lucky for me, Grendal has given me some pointers to keep the group interested and heading in the right direction…..that and how to keep our mage in line.


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