Find the Archivist…

Posted: May 22, 2010 in DnD
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Since I’ve gotten most of my homework done I’ve shifted gears to work on my D&D stuff.  While I’m looking for information on some undead and what not I managed to stumble across a class in the Heroes of Horror book: The Archivist.  I flipped to the page and read the sentence of a description before reading more.  ‘The Archivist studies forbidden lore out of an unending quest for knowledge.’  There was a sudden moment of “Holy crap, I found the hook that I need.”  Grendal’s character in our Deity campaign won’t be in the city with the others mainly because he’s a homebody and somewhat frightened of other people.  I needed a reason for the group to pass by his home and a person they needed to find to the east.  Well, who else would have hard to find information about the Gods then someone who studies forbidden lore? 😀

Okay.  That’s enough for right now. I can go on for a while about this but I NEED to get something done for tomorrow’s game.


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