Roar, Roar I say

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Gaming
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Its sad because it’s true.  😦  Though I don’t think I’m a douche-bag gamer.

5- I’m a chick in a committed relationship and I’m not antisocial

4- I’m 26 this year…..and like I said, I’m  not a douche-bag

3- I can’t disagree with their 3rd reason, but the campiness can be fun and, well, the same ol’ stuff sells.  Left 4 Dead isn’t mind blowing when it comes to story: Survive the zombie attack.  How many movies offer that as a story?

2- Very few can get past the initial ‘Oh, shiny’ stage but those who can are able to see more of the game.  I’ve found out I can do that if I steer clear of a lot of the hype for games.  I ignored the Alan Wake hype and I loved it.  On the other side I listened to the Bioshock 2 hype and, well, that fell short in my book.

1- This is where the nut jobs come out of the woodwork.  😐  The articles link to the GameFly commercial sums it up rather well.  While I do scream at my TV while playing games, it’s because the CPU likes to cheat at fighting games.

All in all, I do notice a difference in how I’m treated once I mention I’m a gamer but I could care less.  The people I love and hang out with are gamers right along with me.


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