I don’t post many pictures, of anything, and sometimes it’s hard for me to get my descriptions across when it comes to my D&D characters.  Even though she’s no longer a playable character, this is what Xyrygosa was supposed to look like(in a way):

This was a head mod that I had created for female dwarves, and I have a few for the menfolk as well.  It was mainly due to the fact the the DA:O dwarves looked a little funky and the women weren’t as cute as they could be.  Me being the creator I decided to add in the base of Xyry’s face! 😀  My only complaint was that here skin wasn’t as olive toned as it was supposed to be.  I got her hair and eyes down rather well with some other mods, and the base tattoos worked rather well for the ones she had.  I have her wielding a hammer in the game, which fits what she ran around with in the campaign.  I can’t wait to get to the point where I can make her a berserker. lol!  The sad thing is that I’m not sure who she’d go after: Alistair or Zevran.  😐  Though I could be a dork and wait until the Loghain romance mod is released…*snrk* riiight…..the bastard.


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