As Deep as a Puddle

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Life

I’ve always enjoyed meaningful conversations.  I love conversations where the participants can talk about politics, religion, sex, what have you and still be friends in the end, even if things got heated.  Sadly I haven’t had many of these types of conversations in recent years.  I had a lot of them during high school and early college when I was still finding myself and I had a group of friends that enjoyed debating with people who saw things differently.  There were times when I sought these conversations out online, just to get ‘my fill.’

Grendal and I have these conversations a lot, though its always nice to seek out others to broaden the discussion.  Friday afternoon our group of friends (Renny, Gigs, and Dee) had gone on a short trip across the boarder to Wisconsin for some shopping before heading back to Renny’s place.  On the way back we some how got on to the subject of possible alien beings influencing early man and that just tumbled further and further down the line to a ‘deep’ conversation.  All this time Renny didn’t say a word.  Grendal and I saw it as him being uncomfortable and asked if he wanted us to change the subject.  He said no, he just didn’t know how to add to the conversation and that he didn’t like these metaphysical talks because it makes him feel small and, in a way, insignificant.

Thinking about what he said and thinking about myself, I believe I managed to escape those feelings long ago.  Religion/belief wise all I can say is that I’m a tree huger.  There have been a few instances where I’ve lost some friends because they couldn’t accept the fact that I didn’t follow a Christian faith, and one went as far as telling me I was going to go to hell.  It shocked me at the time because the two of us had been so close.  Luckily my current circle of friends are diverse enough and comfortable enough to say “Hey, that’s your thing and this is mine.  We’re cool.”  Grendal has an alternative belief system himself and while it’s similar to my own, it’s something altogether different.

Anywho, Renny is in the process of finding himself.  He’s still clinging to his birth religion but is interested in learning about others, though he’s unsure about how to go about it.  I hit this point well over 10 years ago, so while I may not remember the exact feelings I can relate to it all.  Part of me wants to help him on his religious quest, give him some books and articles about different theologies(he’s interested in Buddhism right now) but he’s a little lax on reading.  The only other way I can think about going about it is possibly sitting down and trying to lay things out, help him understand the basics of it all.

On another note, the title doesn’t relate to anyone….it’s just something that struck me, lol.


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