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I’ve mentioned Merrick before and I’ve said that I would explain her story. Well, this is it! (more…)


Here are the bare bones of the upcoming Ancient Trifles game.  Pretty much just a rough idea of monsters and side story hooks.  Grendal has asked if the group could be gestalt (two classes at once) and I will admit that it is tempting.  I’ve agreed to allow it, though I am taking a note from one of his earlier games.  During that game the party (myself and three others) were kidnapped an knocked out.  When we woke up not only had we been horribly mutilated in the terms of grafts being placed on us but we suddenly had more abilities, ie we were suddenly gestalt.  I’m thinking that, at some point, the two gods pushing the group through this journey will give them this new class once the realize the hardships facing them.  So it’s essentially out of mercy and fear that they’ll fail in the quest.  All I know is that it has to be before they hit the dessert.

Anywho, here is the info and the books they appear in just in case anyone is curious or doesn’t know what I’m talking about.  Then again most of this is self explanatory. (more…)

I’ve been slowly working on the list of monsters for my upcoming DnD game.  Looking at it, it seems rather short considering that this game has the potential of reaching ‘epic’ level.  The Deities and Demigods book has some monster ideas for both the Olympian side and about 3 for the Asgards but the list seems to be lacking.  I threw in a bunch of Fae that weren’t mentioned and added in Elves and Dwarfs, including their underdark/subterranean counterparts, mainly due to the fact that Norse myths do mention Dark Elves, so I decided Drow and Deurger would be a great to throw in to the mix.  One thing that I know I’m going to do is have Dragons running about as well as Half-Dragons (still need to really explain Merrick).  I love using them in the game, especially when they’re not necessarily there for the players to fight/kill.  I know there was a race of monsters that Zeus messed with that had like 100 arms and what not(so forgot what they’re called)….Oh! Scratch that, Grendal pulled out the Epic Level Handbook and pointed me to the creature: the Hecatonchires. According to 3ed rules, it’s a CR 57 but Grendal says they could take it out if they ever reached level 30…..which I hope doesn’t happen because that means this will be another year long game. @_@

The BIG thing about this game is the fact that I’m going to be having beings walking around that are the children of some God or Goddess.  I already have the son of Zeus as a major part and I know for a fact that I want to even things out, so I’ll need to read up on the Asgards to figure out a good deity to father or mother a half god. 🙂  Thanks to the Magic of Incarnum I have a neat idea of how the average joe might be able to identify these deity descendants if they’re looking for ’em: glowing eyes, for one, but I can’t think of much else.  I’m thinking sparks or crackling electricity for those descendant from Zeus or Thor.  I know for anyone related to any of the deities of love and beauty would be very charismatic and what not.

I have a lot to do for that game still… make a map and figure out city names. 😐  Luckily we have a few weeks before we start playing, so its all good.

On another note, Futurama’s new episodes aired last night.  I had some good chuckles but its no surprise that it was AS good as the original stuff.  I enjoyed it but Grendal was disappointed.  Ah well.  Lets hope they can redeem themselves in his eyes, lol.

I’m a fan of anime, though not as much as I once was.  Its not that I’ve lost interest in the Japanese animation but I’ve found that there is a lack of serious ones.  Many of the series that are popular are overly comedic, so much so that they shove it in your face.  I’m mainly talking about One Piece, Naruto, and, the biggest offender in my book, Bleach.  These three are meant to have some form of comedy in them, I know that, but the series in anime form goes out of it’s way to show you that its being funny.  It’s just as bad as the laugh tracks on sitcoms.  Don’t get me wrong….I do enjoy a nice comedy once in a while.  Hell one of my favorite series still is Azumanga Diaoh (I could easily be Yukari-sensei)! (more…)

Well, my little mini game ended last night.  The group was a little pokey again but not as bad.  Cantropos and Dame Gris found my zombie gardeners hilarious, which made me happy.  The group managed to stay away from my undead dragon, though there was a slight chance Ry’s Ranger and Grendal’s Paladin/Monk would attack it on the spot(they came back the next day, ie after the game).

What made me happy was the ending of it.  The group had a huge decision: kill the good Necropolitan, ending the budding relationship with the kidnapped girl, or kill the evil Sorcerer.  It took about half an hour of discussing and question asking, and a failed Turn Undead attempt by our Cleric, before an agreement was made.  Since the Necropolitan had done nothing wrong and just wanted to run away with the girl, the group let them run off(though there was much grumbling from the Cleric).  Cantropos challenged the Sorcerer to a duel out front and Renny’s Cleric followed.  Renny’s character was attacked by the Sorcerer (the guy pretty much grabbed Renny’s heart via magic, giving him a heart attack).  Cantropos knocked the Sorcerer out in one hit, saving Renny’s life.  At this point Gigs’ character came down and said he could destroy the Sorcerer.  The group dragged the body to the front yard and Gigs’ summoned a small fire elemental and had it attack the Sorcerer.  Unfortunately the Sorcerer was still alive (something Gigs’ character didn’t know).  The Sorcerer woke up, screaming in pain, and managed to cast a teleport spell, thus escaping the group.

So, in the end, the undead man and the kidnapped girl lived happily ever after but the Sorcerer is still at large.  The group was disappointed though they are interested in searching for the guy at a later date.

You know what this means??  In a few weeks we’ll be starting the Deities campaign! 😀  It also means I need to kick my butt in gear and start mapping out the world and what not.  >w<  This will be most awesome!  Gigs tried to make me promise that there won’t be another Merrick character (my baby red dragon, I’ll tell her story in a future post) but I honestly can’t.  Merrick was created on a whim and pretty much evolved into something greater!

Candlelight Dinner

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Gaming, Life

It seems that our Friday gaming sessions have been doomed for the past two weeks.  Last week Renny’s mother showed up, which meant we had to call the day short.  What happened yesterday?  A lovely thunderstorm rolled in to the Northern portion of Illinois, bringing with it some strong winds.  The electricity in Renny’s house can be touchy and before the storm really got started the lights flickered and then went out.  Moments later, while Ry and I were outside watching the clouds roll in and enjoying the wind, I noticed a flash of light.  Now this wasn’t your typical lightning strike and I don’t think it was actual lightning.  I saw a ball of light right above some trees and then heard a resounding boom!  Ry and I were shocked, and then the rain picked up so I got my happy little but inside.  With the electricity out we went into Renny’s sunroom/back porch to watch and listen to the storm.  It was great.

After the first storm left we all decided to take it easy.  Gigs and Renny played chess, Grendal was looking through one of the D&D books for his compilation stuff, and I was giving a reading to Dee.  Pretty mellow.  Another storm was threatening to roll in and I decided it was time to make some dinner.  Luckily Renny had some matches so we were able to use the stove top.  I fried up the spam from last week and cooked the edamame and rice over the stove(its been a while since I’ve made stove top rice!).  By the time it was done it was getting dark and gloomy so we had to break out some candles and a nice kerosene lamp.  It was odd but nice to have a candlelight dinner with my friends, even ifit was only spam.

After the next storm was over it was too dark to really see each other without breaking out LOTS of candles so we decided to call it a night.  Even though there was no gaming in our usual sense, we had a great time hanging out.  I was a little worried during the storm, though.  Not because of tornado threats but my elder sister’s house lays in the flood plane and the past two years her backyard turned into a mini lake….or would that be a large puddle?  Ah well.  I haven’t heard from her so I guess the yard is okay!

Electronic Entertainment Expo, i.e. E3, is the apex of a Gamer’s year.  I believe it was the creator of Twisted Metal that said E3 was the Gamer’s Christmas and, honestly, I have to agree.  With glimpses of what’s to come in every corner of the gaming world, who could ask for more?

I follow E3 closely, though retain only the info I find interesting.  Know what that means??  Much of the Nintendo Franchise goes unnoticed in the world of me.  I know of the Metroid game as well as the next installment of Legend of Zelda, and what ever else they may be squeezing out of poor Mario now(he’s at 200+ game appearances).  Besides that, the Nintendo fan-boys and fan-girls have squealed about a Kirby game and Kid Icarus(never touched an Icarus game, though I have wondered if you can die from flying too high).  I won’t go on about the Nintendo stuff, mainly because it will just be drab coming from me.  Look it up at other gaming sites, though be weary about blogs and personal views, like mine they’ll be riddled with personal opinions(you can always spot a Nintendo supporter from a mile a way).

My fan-girl inspiring moments thus far?  Silent Hill 8(it’s getting old but I need me some survival horror), the new Mortal Kombat, Little Big Planet 2, the announcement of Firefight in Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops (the first CoD to catch my eye), Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (light bending invisibility!), Fallout: New Vegas, and…um….I think that’s it.  There is still one more day left, so who knows what kind of info/footage may be found!

I’m a little leery about the Natal/Kinect launch games looking too much like what the Wii has processed to fill it’s motion control niche.  What I’m hoping for is the fact that Natal/Kinect, and even the PS3’s motion controls, could bring forth some not so family friendly, party games.  I know for a fact that I’ll be upset to find some Mario Party knock off on my 360 but with the idea of ‘fighting’ games, racing, and, maybe, some form of FPS being available for  the motion control scheme would kick ass.  Plus it will give the hardcore 360 fans and/or Wii haters a chance to test out the motion controls.

Now we just have to hope that Microsoft has had enough time to get Natal/Kinect to a good working speed, given the Wii presented the technology to the world 4 years ago.  Then again, I hope for too much sometimes.