in more ways then one.  I finished my last final today and the only bad thing was the smell.  Nothing is worse, in my opinion, then preserved cats that are finally starting to decay.  You have the smell of the chemicals as well as, well, rotting flesh.   I don’t think it helped that we had day old cow tongue and about 3 hearts laying around.  Oddly enough our ‘fresh’ dog wasn’t out, so I’m guessing he wasn’t smelling and looking too good for the test.

To make things worse, I get home and BAM!  A mosquito bites me. 😐  While that’s not bad for most people, it’s bad for me.  I have an allergic reaction to the bites and have had this since I was a wee one.  Seriously, one year I had a bite just above/below(depends on my arm’s orientation) my elbow.  Stupid me decides to scratch it to make it feel better.  By the end of the day my forearm was swollen slightly and painful.  Then two years ago I got two bites on my forehead and I scratched them, though it was AFTER I scratched them when Grendal noticed they were bug bites.  I looked like Quasimodo for a short time and ended up going to the ER when the swelling threatened not only my eye but my nose.  Last thing I need is an eye swollen shut and my breathing compromised.  I now keep a good collection of Benadryl with me during warm weather…..can never be too safe.

But yeah…’s done with and I can start relaxing, working on D&D (including the next little story!), and what not.  I have to fish out my terminology book to keep things fresh, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m making my way through Alan Wake again, this time on Hard, and plan on doing it a 3rd time at some point.  Grendal is obsessed with ModNation Racers right now, which brings our PS3 collection up to 4…..I think.  That system has a while to go before it racks up a game count in our home.  I’m hoping the Ico Team follows the God of War collection idea; I think Grendal would love to have Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in the PS3.  Me?  I’m just waiting for Reach to come out as well as Fable 3 and, possibly, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions….Okay, I lied, there are so many games I’m waiting for. XD  You can’t stop me from lovin’ my games.

….yeah…..I restarted Dragon Age thanks to some nifty mods. *gigglesnort*


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