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Posted: June 3, 2010 in Life
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It’s not that often I read articles and instantly get miffed by the author’s POV but then again it’s not often said articles have to deal with out of this world theories like ‘Ancient Astronauts.’  While I’m not saying that extra terrestrials came to Earth and gave us some knowledge and what not, I am saying that there are some very odd things about some ancient things.

The article in questions was found on i09 and it irked me just a little bit, mainly when they brought up the Ancient Airplanes of South America (believe that was #2 on their list).  I will admit that I’ve watched History Channel’s Ancient Alien show and enjoyed it but then again I’m also speculating with the people on the show, most importantly Giorgio Tsoukalos.  This guy is an interesting one and it seems he’s getting a bit too happy with the fake bakes and teasing his hair.  Other than that he has some interesting views and an interesting accent(he makes me giggle when he talks).

Anywho, the idea of the ancient airplane is something that has piqued my interest.  Seriously, look at this thing!  While I won’t say that a Grey came down and gave the ancient people the plans for this thing, I will say that it doesn’t look like a bug or a bird to me. 😐  At least not one I’ve seen.  Yes, there are other pieces of jewelry that do look like bugs and birds, but why is this one so different?  The jeweler who taught the newbies wouldn’t have let this one slide….someone would’ve been given a good smack.  Besides, the ancient Chinese reportedly had their own planes of sorts but I won’t go into that because, honestly, my info is out of date and for all I know that’s been discredited.

The one thing that will baffle is the whole issue about Puma Punku.  It’s a place in Boliva and while I could try and talk about it, I won’t because I’ll murder the hell out if it. D:  Seriously, though, look it up!  These people didn’t have the wheel nor a written language, but they were able to build things that modern stoneworkers/masons/architects look at and go “Wtf?”  It’ll make you wonder about things.

Again, I’m not on board about the ancient alien theory but I am open to the fact that our ancient people were able to do things that we don’t give them credit for.  It’s been said that once we, the human race, disappears it would take only 50,000 years before our existence is nearly erased except for a few things… Mt. Rushmore.  What would the next race think?

On a lighter note, io9 did have an article about the Antikythera Mechanism from early this year.  I guess if its not about ‘crazies’ believing in ancient astronauts, it’s okay.  I love the website none the less……I need my sci-fi updates. 😀


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