Silly Rab-I Mean Dwarf…

Posted: June 3, 2010 in DnD, Gaming
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Finally got around to changing my little avatar image for this site.  Had it as my Sim self for a while but I decided it was time for a change.  It was a toss up between my Fallout 3 chick or one of my Dragon Age girlies.  Mahina, my previous mage, has been taken to the after life of deleted characters.  She was much loved but, since I’ve done some modding and what not, I decided I needed a new mage and made Kendra.  Pretty similar to Mahina but there is enough of difference in my head(heh, she got to kiss Cullen).  Instead I went with Xyrygosa, my D&D dwelf in her Dragon Age dwarven form.  I nabbed a nifty screen shot with a great expression.  To me it read, “Bah?! Wtf?”  Yeah….I’m a dork.  Images below of my digital self.

Fallout 3 Me! (can’t believe I forgot her name)

Kendra, the mage!

Xyrygosa, “Wtf?”

Bah?! Wtf?


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