Encounters of the Furry Kind

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Gaming
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There usually isn’t much excitement Friday afternoons around Renny’s place.  It’s just the usual games, go to the grocery store for dinner supplies, more games, dinner making/eating while watching a movie, and usually a little more games.  Renny’s house is near some heavily wooded areas (heavily wooded for the middle of a city) and he randomly sees deer and wild turkey.  Yesterday while talking I spotted a doe wandering off in his backyard and the child in me popped out and I squealed ‘Deer!’ and went bounding for the back door.  It was gone before I got to the backyard but I spotted the path that the deer must use when they do wander through the property.  Now, I’ve seen deer before but me being the animal lover that I am, I get excited when ever I see wild animals other than birds (those chubby things are EVERYWHERE).

The interesting bit didn’t happen until after dinner, around 7ish.  We were watching the Hulk movie (the first one with Eric Bana, and the good one in my opinion. The second one was inspired by the TV show, the first one was true to the comic….but this talk is for another post) and I wanted something to drink.  Grendal and I are too used to purified water and, well, the city water makes Grendal sick when ever he drinks it. 😐  So we decide that we’d head over to the grocery store again right after the first Hulk transformation.  During this we hear some odd commotion that we think its another TV in the house that Renny’s father is watching and just go back to watching the movie.  After the transformation I grab my purse and my slippers and Grendal and I head out the front door.  The moment we step outside I hear this weird snarling, barking sound…..I look down and see a small raccoon arching it’s back and baring it’s teeth.  My response?  I turn into a girl for a moment and let out a girly squeal before coming to my senses and calling for both Renny and Gigs to come look at what’s on the front porch.

Turns out the commotion we heard was a raccoon fight, or something.  This little guy was still a baby and we could only figure that mommy dearest was around somewhere.  Grendal tried to shoo the little guy away but the coon wanted nothing to do with that and tried to nip at his boots.  After a few pictures taken on phones we left the little guy alone and got our drinks.  When we got back he was napping between some flower pots and didn’t leave until night fall.

Other than that ordeal it was a pretty normal night….and Grendal beating the crap out of us at ModNation.


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