Posted: June 6, 2010 in DnD
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Tonight it the first night of gaming in a while.  I’ve got most of what I need planned out, though I need to get the floor plan of the ‘spooky house’ down.  Grendal gave me some pointers about adding a creature that is WAY out of the league of the players, mainly to see if they’ll be smart and run or decide to fight it.  What is it?  A Green Dragon Dracolich.  😀  I’ve never worked with undead dragons and the only dragon I played for a long period of time was my baby Merrick!  But I think there is a huge difference between a baby red dragon and a young adult undead green dragon.  😮

I also have 3 different mini bosses for them to go up against, all of which are undead.  I have a Paladin of Slaughter, a Cleric, and a Sidhe Druid.  My thought process was that, well, all three of those classes would want to rid the property/world of undead and this is a great place to start!  Well, they weren’t ready for it and BAM….intelligent undead, possibly former PCs.  Grendal likes the idea and seeing that we have a Paladin and a Cleric in the group it should be interesting to see how they react to undead brethren.  🙂

Other than the big baddies, I have some Grave Dirt Golems running around, some Bane Wraiths, Animated Objects in the house, and a hen house with a flock of Cockatrice.  I have to come up with some other things in the house, and just adding more run of the mill zombies doesn’t sound like fun.  I may take a hint from Castlevania: SotN and use some of their monsters(which is where I got the cockatrice idea) but, hopefully, they don’t get too far into the house today.  :p

  1. Spring says:

    Dragons make me nervous. An undead one? I’d probably pee my pants.

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