Bein’ Pokey

Posted: June 8, 2010 in DnD, Life
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I don’t mind when games are a little slow going but sometimes the group is just too damned pokey. Not only did the game on Sunday start 2 hours late but it took 3 hours for them to move through a simple forest where they fought only 2 battles. 😐 I was upset that we had to stop at the gate of the mansion, but it was time to go. I’m thinking that this coming session could be the end of this game or it MIGHT be another session and a half.  They have all the good stuff to look forward too. 🙂

Not much else to say.  I got my Alan Wake book in the mail since Borders didn’t have it in store and I got my hair trimmed for my friend’s wedding this weekend.  I’m kinda looking forward to it but, then again, I’m not much of a party person so the reception afterwords might be a bit much.  Ah well.  Time to get to some reading and, hopefully, some writing done.


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