I do like Japanese games, just like I like Japanese movies.  There is just something about them that I enjoy.  I’ve gone on about my obsession with the Shin Megami Tensei series and, well, that was rekindled by a forum post on a website I frequent.  Someone was wondering if they should purchase Digital Devil Saga 1 or Nocturne.  My obvious response was to buy both, and find Digital Devil Saga 2 if they could find it!  The person was nervous about Nocturne because they heard the game’s hard mode was harder than Persona 3’s hard mode.  Why should that matter?  Seriously!  These games are part of my coveted collection and, well, I even have 2 artbooks by Kazuma Kaneko, who has done ALOT for Atlus. >w<  I am that much of a nerd.  I mean, look at Serph!  Awesome~!

Another big thing that I love, is the Samurai Warrior series.  Sadly, though, I won’t be getting the 3rd game because it’s a Wii only game and I won’t  bother with the system.  There is just not enough on that system for me to purchase it.  Ah well, back on track!  Koei is another nifty company and apparently they’re doing a Dynasty/Samurai Warrior style game for the story of the Trojan War. O^O  This is apparently old news(from last year) and it’s due out sometime later THIS year.  This will be the first game in the Warrior series that will have an M rating(don’t know why this is the first, but apparently there will be more blood).  I won’t lie; I spazzed when I heard the news about this game.  You get to run around as Achilles and Odysseus, and even have appearances by some of the Gods!!  I’m hoping an appearance by Cassandra will be made as well as the Amazons!  That’ll make lil’ ol’ me a happy gamer and myth lover.  I have an image, though I’m not too sure who this may be, but he looks freakin’ cool.


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